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Among the Sleep dev's surreal mystery game Mosaic is coming to PS4

There's something fishy about this office.

Norwegian developer Krillbite, best known for Among the Sleep, its horror game about a two-year-old crawling into a nightmare realm, has revealed that its upcoming evocative mystery Mosaic will come to PS4 along with a PC, Mac and Linux release planned for next year.

The studio noted that the focus will be on "narrative and puzzles", while the tone is a pretty drastic departure from Among the Sleep. While both titles look unnerving, Among the Sleep was trying to overtly frighten the player through shocks and scare tactics, whereas Mosaic seeks to get under their skin through its dreary atmosphere of bureaucratic monotony.

Mosaic puts players in the role of a pear-shaped office worker who's used to sticking to a certain routine every day. Get up, go to work, get some sleep, etc. Only things both strange, scary, and kind of beautiful start happening that shake up our dreary sad sack's life.

"Instead of an eerie, dark atmosphere like that of Among the Sleep, you will now get an angsty, clammy atmosphere of work related stress and social alienation that will scare you in a different way," the studio stated. "Our goal is to focus on stories, creating experiences that enriches the player."

While Among the Sleep had its detractors, it's worth noting that Krillbite also put out the excellent free five-minute experiential game The Plan, which is light on conventional gameplay, but heavy on atmosphere. Do check that out, if you haven't already.

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