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Americans can claim $55 from Sony because of some old PS3 lawsuit

It's all to do with Linux.

Well this is odd. Remember six years ago when a firmware update stopped Linux working on PlayStation 3? No, me neither, but it happened. And some people were cheesed off about it - cheesed off enough to take Sony to court.

Well yes I know, Judy, I know.

The result of that 'Other OS' class action lawsuit is now more or less in, and it states (via PCMag) that people who owned a PS3 can claim cash - $55 - from Sony in compensation. That's a whole game's worth of dosh!

There are some stipulations of course. You had to have purchased a 'fat' PS3 (an original PS3) in the US between 1st November 2006 and 1st April 2010. You must also supply proof of both purchase as well as ownership or use of Linux on the console. That's if you want the full $55.

But you can get $9 if you argue you were going to use the 'Other OS' function, or feel your console lost value because of its removal. Hardly seems worth the effort.

The deadline for submissions is 7th December, in case you're eligible. There's also a court date for January 2017 to judge the "fairness" of the settlement.

I wonder how many people will claim - could be an expensive pay-out for Sony.

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