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30 per cent of MMO players buy gold

Market worth over 2 billion dollars.

In the first of a feature series on real money trading in MMOs published on Eurogamer today, the number of players that buy virtual goods and services is estimated at 30 per cent.

The figure is quoted by "Extreme Gamer", the anonymous player who runs RMT review site WoW Gold Facts. He argues that MMO companies should licence and support secure gold-trading facilities, rather than leave the practice to an unscrupulous grey market.

"In my opinion, the industry would be better served if publishers would recognise that lots of gamers – I've heard it's 30 per cent of the player base – like the benefits of RMT, and work with credible companies and allow it to happen," Extreme Gamer said.

"I don't see why this is not possible. They could make a condition of involvement in RMT that players give them a complete release of all forms of liability."

The first in Nick Ryan's feature series, Gold Trading Exposed, looks at the history and driving forces of the RMT market, which has an estimated worth of over USD 2 billion. Future instalments will look at gold trading from the perspectives of players, operators and gold sellers themselves.

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