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28% of 3DS users don't like 3D - survey

22% say it improves the experience.

28 per cent of 3DS users reckon the the system's 3D feature detracts from the gameplay experience, according to a new survey.

As reported by GameSpot, a new study by research firm Interpret LLC claims that 22 per cent of those surveyed thought the 3D improved gameplay, but 13 per cent were so put off by the effect that they turned it off all together while playing.

56 per cent of the 1600 participant-strong sample stated that their ideal 3D gaming experience is a 3D-capable console connected to a TV, with only seven per cent giving a 3D handheld the nod.

Some good news for Nintendo's platform though. The study stated that user awareness of the device was up 60 per cent on this time last year, though oddly only 28 per cent of that total were aware that it didn't require 3D glasses to use.

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