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  • Super Bomberman R review

  • marilena 09/03/2017

    If you want to play 8 players on the PS4 you also have to buy controllers... I have 4 Dualshocks to be able to play with my family. What exactly is the difference for Switch? Are you actually complaining that the game allows too many players to play together?

    It's actually cheaper to get 8 players to play this on the Switch, since 2 people use a pair of Joycons (though the pair itself is more expensive than a Dualshock, so I do hope that most couch multiplayer games will not require more than buying an extra pair).

    To be clear, I think this game itself is ridiculously expensive and I'm not going to touch it at any prince above 15 euros... But complaining that you need too many controllers to play with the maximum number of people makes no sense. Would you feel better if they reduced the maximum number to 4?
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  • Valve's missing Link

  • marilena 06/03/2015

    Without having one to try, I guess it comes down to optimistic people versus optimistic people :). Hopefully we'll be able to test one soon and decide...
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  • marilena 06/03/2015


    Well, no. Bauul specifically says it's not a gamepad replacement - and I agree. I wouldn't want to replace my X360 controller with this for any game that was designed for a controller in the first place. It's a bit of a wash with shooters, where it might be slightly better in some respects, but not enough to be worthwhile for me, especially since the overwhelming majority of shooters, too, are designed for a console in the first place, so the controls are optimized for that. For non-shooters, the 360 controller clearly wins (even if it would be close, I already have the 360 controller, so the Valve one would have to be extra nice to be worth buying).

    So, the only interest for this controller is if it can be a solid replacement for the mouse & keyboard combination. Solid enough to let me ENJOY games that are designed for mouse and keyboard, not simply to be functional. And I don't think it will be true for many games. It's not that I don't want it, but it just doesn't seem like it would work.


    There are *some* advantages. Finger gymnastics aren't required to reach some of the buttons, like the triggers, so it's closer to the mouse than a laptop touch pad in that regard (with a learning curve). It could also be of better quality, I guess. but it will never be as natural, fast and accurate as a mouse movement, especially since I'd be using it with my thumb. And it doesn't provide a real replacement for a keyboard, so you will be a little limited by this too.

    I guess the broader question is what games can you see yourself playing with this? Civilization is the only thing that comes to mind for me, so it's not surprising they used it in their demos.
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  • marilena 06/03/2015

    @Bauul " It's designed for ... Total War!"

    I hear a lot of people saying this, but I just can't imagine it. A touch pad is hardly good enough to replace a mouse. I hate using the touch pad on my laptop even for day to day stuff and certainly couldn't imagine myself playing Total War with one. And this one is in some ways worse- you're supposed to use your thumb on it!
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  • Summoner Wars review

  • marilena 05/06/2013

    I'm not a big fan of the board game or the iOS game.

    The boardgame is a decent, somewhat chess-like, tactical game for 2 players, but I never enjoyed it that much. The iOS game is only good if you can play online multiplayer. The AIs are weak, so you can't play against them for long. Pass and play multiplayer is also a hassle, because you have to look away at certain moments during the other player's turn (but you need to see other parts of their turn).
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  • Beastie Bay review

  • marilena 28/03/2013

    I played this for around an hour and, while it's one of the better free to play games out there, in the end it is a free to play game with all that entails. I like my mobile gaming to happen fast, so any game where I have to wait for stuff with nothing to do is a big no no. Also, any game where you can pay to win to a degree, but you don't know how much would be 'fair' and how much would be too much. Reply 0
  • Marvel Heroes dev stands by Diablo 1 and 2 creator David Brevik after Diablo 3 designer says: "f*** that loser"

  • marilena 21/08/2012

    Jay, is that you? :P
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  • Peter Molyneux's new game Curiosity has a Ł50,000 DLC

  • marilena 07/06/2012

    If the amount of people "playing" proves to be less than they expect, I imagine it's not hard for the developers to reduce the cube's hitpoints with a secret update.

    Thinking about it, they could fake the whole thing and make the cube break whenever is most convenient to them :D.
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  • Wireless steering wheel for Xbox 360

  • marilena 07/06/2011

    Thanks :).
    (That sounds like a terrible idea to me, tbh. It undermines the whole point of a wheel...)
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  • marilena 07/06/2011

    I'm not sure I understand how it works...

    Do you attach it to something or do you just hold it in the air?
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  • Why I Hate... The Saboteur

  • marilena 30/11/2010

    Slightly off-topic, I find some of the statements in the article to be hyperbolic and incorrect.

    "worst genocide in human history" - actually, it's the third worst as far as we know (Stalin and Mao both beat Hitler); we also don't have very good figures for some older genocides, which may or may not have been bigger than the Holocaust

    "If this were a film I think it might have been banned, not just slammed by critics." - certainly not; just look at Uwe Boll's Postal to see a film that is more stupid and more insulting, without having been banned; In fact, can films be banned? Aren't they protected by freedom of speech?

    I get it, you hate the game, but you're not doing yourself any favors by writing an article that's just as lacking in nuance and subtlety.
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  • Prince of Persia HD Trilogy

  • marilena 18/11/2010

    I for one enjoyed that caption. It's hyperbole, of course, but it does have a point and it's reasonably funny. Reply +10
  • BioWare: "It was sad to read EA Louse"

  • marilena 05/11/2010

    One thing that strikes me is that they don't deny it cost 300 million. I initially didn't give this sum much credence, but their non-denial makes me think that maybe it's true. 300 million! Geez! Reply +1
  • Braben: Kinect as accurate as control pad

  • marilena 05/11/2010

    The negativity in this thread is rather surprising. Kinectimals seems to be the best Kinect launch title - certainly the only one that got me interested.

    I also can't agree to the idea that, if money would not be an issue, all developers would choose to make games about killing stuff. Or that, by making something else other than a sequels to their most successful game, a developer is selling out. If anything, I think it's the other way around.

    If you can't see the attraction yourself, fair enough, but do allow for the fact that other people do. I think that a game about playing with adorable little animals is an excellent idea and I support it.
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  • YourShape - first 15 minutes

  • marilena 04/11/2010

    In all the Kinect videos, the menus look like a real pain to use. There were several moments at the beginning of this one where for the life of me I couldn't figure out what was going wrong and why Ellie's decision (which I could identify) wasn't understood correctly by the game. Reply 0
  • Kinectimals

  • marilena 04/11/2010

    I've just watched the video and, I have to say, it's damn charming. The small gamey bit was actually kind of terrible, but the whole thing is so cute and childish in a good way that I actually felt a bit of the sense of wonder that I used to feel as a kid. The people who made the art, the animations and the 'story'+voice-over did a great job. Reply +1
  • Sid Meier's Civilization V

  • marilena 22/09/2010

    I feel that at least a few people here are exaggerating the problems with the AIs of the Civilization and Total War games. These games have always been enjoyable and have always worked. Sure, the AI is never as smart as a human, but it keeps the game going and it even gains a certain personality (mostly because the player projects it, but still; Ghandi makes many friends, Isabella is a religious freak etc.; it works).

    I haven't played Civ V yet and this isn't the only review to mention weird behavior in regards to war, but suddenly hearing people that all Civ games suck and they've never improved the AI and so on is ridiculous. I can't think of a game series that I love more than Civ and they've always worked, even the third one, which most people consider the weakest.

    Number IV, which is considered the best, also had a number of bugs at release that were fixed through patches (for instance, space victory was initially very overpowered) and some weaker areas that were fixed by the expansion packs. But it was still really good from the start.

    (On an unrelated note, what's the problem with dead turns? Just press the 'end turn' button.)
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  • Civilization V demo out now

  • marilena 21/09/2010

    Same for me. Does this mean that the demo is also locked in my territory until the 24th? Bastards! Reply 0
  • Realtime Crisis

  • marilena 23/08/2010

    The article was going well until the word "opus" reared its head.

    I hate that word.
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  • Might & Magic: Heroes VI revealed

  • marilena 20/08/2010

    @CaimbeulYeah, you got it. Strange move, really. It will confuse a lot of people and I don't see what they gain from it. Reply 0
  • The Science of Just Dance

  • marilena 06/08/2010

    "In truth, making 'simple' games should be the highest ambition of any game designer, if by 'simple' we mean stripping a game back to the pure essentials where any person from any walk of life can experience something fun and engaging."

    I think this is very, very true and it doesn't refer to dumbing down at all. Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite example of how something very deep and engaging can be achieved with simple, clean and easily understandable mechanics. It requires a lot of thought to create something like that, it is not easier than creating something complicated and with a million rules.
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  • Kotick, a flight attendant, and $1.4m

  • marilena 03/08/2010

    Speaking of hilarious phrases, Kotick's new lawyer is bundles of fun.

    "second-hand accounts of three-year-old private conversations and statements made during attorney-client meetings that Mr. Kotick did not make and therefore are inaccurate, highly inflammatory and taken out of context"

    It's funny how those statements that mister Kotick did not make can be three years old or can be taken out of context.
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  • marilena 03/08/2010

    Am I the only one who finds the wording of the article very confusing?

    This paragraph, for instance: "The dispute stemmed from a January 2007 lawsuit brought by flight attendant Cynthia Madvig against Kotick, Andrew Gordon of Goldman Sachs, Cove Management, the company the pair created to manage their co-owned Gulfstream III private jet, and pilot Phil Berg."

    Maybe I'm thick, but it took me a long time to understand what that meant. As far as I can tell, there should be an "and" instead of the comma before Cove management, at least. It could have benefited even further from being split into several shorter phrases, as that one is just a mess.
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  • Dragon Age 2 dialogue choice simplified

  • marilena 24/07/2010

    I wonder how long it will take for the thread to stop producing reactions to a story that HAS TURNED OUT TO BE FALSE. Reply +13
  • More Priceless Victories

  • marilena 19/07/2010

    Wow, I want to play all of these games! Reply +1
  • Zombie already working on Blacklight 2

  • marilena 15/07/2010

    This is a game that has not been received very warmly, so I don't see exactly where you're going there.

    I think the news is that they are already working on a sequel, days after releasing the first one (to not much critical acclaim)
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  • Civilization V gets release date

  • marilena 11/06/2010

    With this an Elemental, it's going to be an awesome autumn for turn based strategy geeks :). Reply +1
  • Sony unveils new PSPgo deal

  • marilena 01/06/2010

    The console would pay itself if you actually wanted to play all of those games. A few of them are awful, though, and from the better ones there's a big emphasis on racing.

    If I'd buy a PSP, none of these games would be in my first 10 purchases.
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  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

  • marilena 01/06/2010

    "It all sounds faintly silly"

    That's an understatement. It sounds and looks spectacularly silly. Wands as stand-ins for guns, using cover and all the other shooter moves associated with wizards is just stupid. Everything in the video feels wrong.
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • marilena 01/06/2010

    The character looks like a twat, I hope he's the villain.

    The city looks amazing - if it's like that in the game, I'm sold.
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  • US Air Force research hit by Other OS

  • marilena 13/05/2010

    Poor USAF, they can't afford real computers. Reply +2
  • The first 15 minutes of Iron Man 2

  • marilena 30/04/2010

    Yeah, that's some seriously unsatisfying combat. Reply 0
  • The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

  • marilena 22/04/2010

    Including the server problems in the rating would be very confusing. Also, every MMO ever would get a very low rating, since they tend to have server problems at the beginning. Reply +2
  • Spec Ops: The Line

  • marilena 06/01/2010

    The trailer, at least, is great. The way they turned the standard "conflict in the Middle East" into such a distinctive, great looking location deserves a lot of praise. Reply 0
  • European Xbox 360 sales hit 10 million

  • marilena 13/11/2009

    But, surely, you can lie in the profile. Reply +1
  • Criterion's Need for Speed next year

  • marilena 10/11/2009

    Wow, you two really hate the guy :D.

    (And. if he's the one who invented the checking traffic thing, I hate him too.)
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  • Rabbids Go Home

  • marilena 09/11/2009


    I agree, the fact that it's not a mini-game collection is a definite plus. I think we've had enough of those.
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  • Disney Epic Mickey

  • marilena 29/10/2009

    I don't think it's the Wii's fault necessarily. For me, Super Mario Galaxy is a great looking game. This looks very bad. Almost amateurish and certainly not in line with the spectacular concept art that was previously shown. Reply +9
  • BioShock 2 - single-player trailer

  • marilena 27/10/2009

    Even in the trailer, they can't show someone managing to dodge their annoying high-speed baddies.

    I didn't enjoy the combat in Bioshock and this certainly doesn't look different.
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  • Serious Sam HD

  • marilena 07/10/2009

    It's all fun and games until someone loses and eye! :D Reply +2
  • SCEI's Fumito Ueda

  • marilena 28/09/2009

    I knew before clicking that this wasn't going to be worth reading.

    It's quite obvious that they're not in the stage where they can talk about the content of the game, but they are in a stage where they need some coverage in order to gather marketing momentum... The interview had no chance of revealing something interesting.

    Elie, could have done better, though. She tried to approach this one seriously (thanks God!), but she didn't manage to find many interesting questions. Some of the questions are so generic it's embarrassing. FFS, she event asked what he thinks about the motion controller! (And, surprise, he doesn't give a crap.)

    And he didn't try very hard to make it interesting either. He seems to have tried to come up with the shortest possible answer to every question. You can see this right from the first answer, where he could have expanded more in regard to what they analyzed, but he just couldn't be bothered.
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  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

  • marilena 10/07/2009

    Yeah, agreed. I don't get why they don't make a straight up HOMM game. I would love that. Reply +1
  • E3: Alan Wake gameplay footage

  • marilena 09/07/2009

    I think that light highlights their weak spots, or something like that. Reply 0
  • Anno 1404

  • marilena 06/07/2009

    But you're right that the whole game isn't really made for war.

    I would argue more, I would say that the genre itself is not about war and that war is always a weak addition, made in order to appeal to the RTS crowd. But if I buy Anno, I buy it because I want to build stuff, not to fight wars.
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  • marilena 06/07/2009


    Yes, it has always been this way. In my opinion, they should just remove the combat, it's not what the game is about at all. Sadly, Settlers took the opposite path.
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  • Two Worlds II

  • marilena 03/07/2009

    The seaside picture has a certain charm to it, I'll say. Too bad that everything looks like it's made of plastic, somehow. Reply 0
  • Student demos clever head-tracking

  • marilena 02/07/2009

    Kanga, I've seen this argument before, but, to be honest, it really doesn't look like there are many good ways to use this kind of system. The technology for this has been possible for quite some time, but there just aren't that many good applications of it.

    If you look at Minority Report and the Minority Report inspired interface in Quantum of Solace, it's quite obvious that a mouse would have been much more useful.

    The only use for this that I've seen so far is in flight simulator games, where they use this to move the view around the plane. It helps immersion, which those sim geeks loooove, and it also makes things slightly easier for them, since a flight sim has so many controls already. The ArmA 2 link above is an example, and I think with ArmA they already took it someplace where it's not of much use.

    Edit: Nosebag above just contradicted my statement about ArmA and TrackIR. But I bet he's a sim geek :P.
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  • Obsidian confirms demise of Aliens RPG

  • marilena 29/06/2009

    I was really looking forward to this game, but I guess that most people couldn't care less, which is why SEGA went for a simpler proposition (shooters). Reply +1
  • Bethesda acquires id Software

  • marilena 25/06/2009

    Why are the last posts in italics? Reply 0
  • marilena 25/06/2009

    going forward
    extend all of our franchises
    leveraging our capabilities
    across multiple teams
    forward looking research

    If Carmack actually said that, with his own mouth, I'll buy a hat and eat it.
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