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  • Arcana Heart 3

  • driptray 26/09/2011

    A word to the wise for anyone getting this (and you really should get this) .. turn the character filter off.

    It defaults to on and gives the characters a really muddy soft focus which is unpleasant. They look just fine with it off.
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  • Section 8 sequel announced

  • driptray 10/09/2010

    The first one had awesome multiplayer, but was let down by the fact nobody bought it so there was noone to play with/against.

    Here's hoping the sequel does well.
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  • Retrospective: Bushido Blade

  • driptray 18/10/2009

    +1 to TheRealBadaBing: This and Carnage Heart were 2 of my favourite ps1 games. Developers, are you listening? Remakes please, and soon!! Reply 0
  • Gridrunner Revolution out now

  • driptray 29/09/2009

    When is the XBLA version out? Reply 0
  • Llamasoft's Jeff Minter

  • driptray 23/07/2009

    Anyone heard anything on when this is actually going to get released?

    ps: the Rev's review of Space Giraffe was spot-on. Great game!
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

  • driptray 05/04/2008

    Brilliant game, although I would have preferred more feedback - like a rumble - when you highlight a player, and when you select a player to do something; at the moment it's a bit hit and miss. Reply 0
  • SSFII Turbo HD Remix 360 beta soon

  • driptray 13/03/2008

    "it's only a 2d fighter?"

    That's like saying CoD4 is only a first-person shooter.
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  • Army of Two

  • driptray 10/03/2008

    Personally I prefer this cover system to Gears of War as it's much more subtle. The GoW one screamed "Gameplay Mechanic!" everytime you used it, whereas this one is simply intuitive and perfectly functional. Reply 0
  • Poker Smash

  • driptray 06/02/2008

    Great game! At first I thought they'd over-complicated a brilliant idea with the bombs and the bullet-time, but then it all clicked; the limited vertical movement given to you by the bombs open the play-area up, and the bullet-time eeks out the panic moments, giving you a chance to recover when things have got hectic.

    Kudos too for the elegant control scheme. Easily an 8 or 9.
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  • NFL Tour

  • driptray 31/01/2008

    @dsmx .. umm .. because you're wrong, and they do? Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • driptray 01/12/2007

    BS2 is indeed very good, but the pitching controls aren't explained at all! Reply 0
  • Speedball XBLA gets treats

  • driptray 27/11/2007

    "Have they fixed that input-at-game-start bug yet?"

    This isn't a bug is it? You get penalised for going too soon. There's a thread here somewhere which goes into it.
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  • Assassin's Creed

  • driptray 19/11/2007

    Really surprised about a lot of the negativity around this game. I guess if a game grabs you, you'll like it despite the flaws, but if a game doesn't grab you then you'll dislike it despite the quality.

    For me AC's completely grabbed me. I'm finding it beautiful and compelling; it's provided an environment I just want to be in, to the point that I'm even enjoying taking time out of the main quests and collecting the flags! (normally flag-collecting would bore the tits off me). The living, breathing cities are astonishing, and the character animation is really wonderful. It's a real pleasure to play, an amazing achievement, and - so far anyway - it's GOTY for me.

    EDIT: .. and another thing! Just to add: one of the things I really like is the planning of the assassinations; although you only need two completed investigations to go ahead with it, it's really satisfying to do them all as most of the information you gather is actually genuinely useful. Using the info to plan the mission, and then executing it properly is genius!
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  • Board Games go console

  • driptray 12/11/2007

    Go! Finally a console version of Go! :-) Reply 0
  • Orange Box 360 patched

  • driptray 29/10/2007

    Bots! That would be really good. They should talk to the Shadowrun folks; their bots ROCK!!!! Reply 0
  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • driptray 18/10/2007

    @silver jon : no worries, it auto-saves! (It also has no manual save option, which makes that warning about "you may lose out if you haven't saved" ridiculous!) Reply 0
  • driptray 18/10/2007

    @1Dgaf. I think the shoddy goalkeeping is due to having a shoddy goalie! I think he'll act differently when upgraded. Reply 0
  • driptray 18/10/2007

    This is definately a case where sheer gameplay quality > dated graphics/animation.

    It's just a shame they didn't decide to make the graphical update as high-res sprites with proper widescreen support!

    Also, it's a shame you can't set up an online league.

    Despite that, it's really good! :-)
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  • Every Extend Extra Extreme

  • driptray 18/10/2007

    @shinji: +1!

    Why did they change the gameplay from the psp one? I just don't get it.
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  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • driptray 18/10/2007

    @Darren. I completely agree! The "enhanced" version should have been proper hi-def sprites, and proper widescreen support. That would have been perfect!

    (ideally too, they could have produced a version that did away with the whole 8-direction thing and given us proper analog support .. but perhaps that would have changed the game too much.)
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  • driptray 17/10/2007

    Really loving this now. It's just FUN! Reply 0
  • driptray 17/10/2007

    Can you see more of the playing area in 3d mode? Reply 0
  • FIFA 08

  • driptray 28/09/2007

    Personally, I like arcadey (even though I'm not 100% it's even a word :-)

    For me, some of the PES's of the past have been too turgid to be fun.
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  • driptray 28/09/2007

    Based on the demo, Pro Evo this year is much more of an arcade game than Fifa, but it's not shallow; it's an incredibly deep arcade game. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • driptray 24/09/2007

    I'm glad there's finally a baseball game available to buy in the UK! (shame it's 20 years old though!) Reply 0
  • TGS: Echochrome

  • driptray 20/09/2007

    Sounds like an evolution of Crush! Reply 0
  • Space Giraffe

  • driptray 16/09/2007

    @MMUK: I hope your "yes it is.." comment was tongue-in-cheek. If not, that's some horrible elitist shit you're spouting! Reply 0
  • driptray 16/09/2007

    Two thorough and well-written reviews .. nice one, EG! Reply 0
  • Shadowrun dev closes doors

  • driptray 14/09/2007

    @Svecke : you have no idea what you're talking about. Redundancy is not funny and isn't a casual inconvenience. "They'll all get new jobs anyway" .. prick. Reply 0
  • driptray 13/09/2007

    @Kropotkin .. er .. you're wrong. Reply 0
  • driptray 13/09/2007

    Sad news: Like a lot of EG'ers I think Shadowrun's a great game that for some reason didn't click with the public and didn't get the audience it deserves. In contrast, you only need to play other mp fps's for a couple of minutes to appreciate just how good it is.

    A belated plug: Shadowrun's the best multiplayer fps you can currently buy for the 360 (imo). By a long way. It's probably cheap now too, so BUY IT!!!! :-)
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  • Cyberball 2072

  • driptray 12/09/2007

    @IAmBatman; 2 reasons:
    1. Apparently it's already written (so where is it? And why should this newer XBLA game get a review up before it? Conspiracy theories abound!)
    2. To many it's an "important" game (first 360 game from Jeff Minter) and hence simply should be written about!

    (edit: and 3. I want to complain that the score is wrong! ;-)
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  • driptray 12/09/2007

    How? Why? Huh? Why? ... Space Giraffe ... Come on EG ... Space Giraffe. Reply 0
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne

  • driptray 11/09/2007

    Surprised at some of the sniffyness and negativity this game is getting. Personally I love it! I'm loving the controls, the graphics, the soundtrack (I want my WW2 games to have this kind of soundtrack!), and the weapons upgrade system works really well. Great game. Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - Wii

  • driptray 09/07/2007

    Very excited by this! The 07 version was deeply flawed, but also deeply enjoyable. If they can fix the flaws, this should be a must-buy! Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • driptray 09/06/2007

    £37.99 at woolies! Reply 0
  • New content for Small Arms

  • driptray 06/06/2007

    I love this game! Fantastic post-pub mp shenanigans!

    Underrated imo.
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  • DKC2 on Euro Virtual Console

  • driptray 17/05/2007

    @wayne: Really? Cool! Reply 0
  • driptray 17/05/2007

    @xerx3s: I don't think there's any intention to ever release new games on VC. I believe it's solely a platform for nes, snes (etc) re-issues. Reply 0
  • Kutaragi hints at PS4 plan

  • driptray 01/05/2007

    I'm a bit bemused by the strength of the vitriol directed at Ken.

    Personally I thank him for the ps1 and ps2 - they were/are GENIUS! - and although I have no desire for a ps3, for all I know in 2 years time everyone'll have one!

    He's earnt enough respect from me to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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  • Pinball FX

  • driptray 01/05/2007

    Brilliant game! It's at least an 8 for me.

    And I don't think the views are as bad as the review does: view 3 is perfectly fine for me!

    Edit: if you have SD TV (like me) and you want to know all the ramp names, just watch the table fly-by at the beginning of a game.
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  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

  • driptray 28/03/2007

    I think the review is spot-on. Because it gives you so little - and sometimes misleading - information, the player has to spend some time just working out how the games works for themselves. .. I agree, that this is a complete joke, and EA should be ashamed.

    However, once you do work it out, the game completely opens up. I love it, but I can completely understand other peoples frustration and anger towards it.

    If you're prepared to take the plunge, I recommend going immediately to Stroke Play with mulligans on, and then just practice hitting the ball over and over.
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  • Every Extend Extra

  • driptray 11/03/2007

    The review says 9/10 ... it says nothing about boosting the score because there aren't many original titles.

    You should read the review properly before dissing the reviewer.
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  • Call of Duty 3

  • driptray 18/12/2006

    @jmctavish : whoa there! Uncalled for: chill out. Reply 0
  • driptray 18/12/2006


    Personally I think it's clear Nintendo have found a niche people want to buy into, simply because it's sold like gangbusters!

    Whether it's genuinely filling that niche is another matter, but from the number of comments I've read from people saying: "my mum/dad/pet rabbit have been playing wii sports and really love it!", I think it's here to stay!
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  • driptray 18/12/2006

    To those: "Boo! Wii can't do FPS therefore it will fail" people, and also to those: "Ree! Wii will dominate in time!" people: get over it!

    Wii has already (imo) found a niche in the market. Even if it can never do FPS, it doesn't matter! Even if it can only do "non-serious" party games: It doesn't matter! Nintendo found a niche and exploited it. It works for me!

    If I want to play FPS, I'll do it on my xbox (or whatever) thank-you.

    If I want to play .. you know .. Wii-type games(!) I'll use my Wii.

    The two are not mutually exclusive: each system has its own merits. Equally, people will buy whatever they're drawn to, and that includes more than one console!
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  • Small Arms

  • driptray 04/12/2006

    Surprised by the negative comments for this: it's absolutely genius multiplayer!

    I've had no problem with the controls at all.

    Best thing on live arcade since Geometry Wars imo.
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  • World Tour Soccer 2

  • driptray 11/09/2006

    IMO this is a better handheld footie game than PES.

    I tried and tried with PSP PES, but eventually the ridiculous loading times and turgid gameplay drove me away. I couldn't help thinking "this is just not fun"!

    WTS2 by comparison is accessible, intuitive, and quite simply a whole lot of fun!

    As far as close-control goes, there's enough variety in the change of pace that the walk/sprint/push ball ahead system to let you can dribble past defences with some skill.

    Also I like the "step-in" tackle is purely timing-based (in pes I spent a lot of time when defending just keeping the tackle pressed so my play homes into the opposition).

    For those that are tempted but not sure, you can download the demo from the psp site and see for yourself! (Why doesn't Sony make more of this? There's currently 2 demos on the site. It's a great way of promoting the "smaller" psp releases: MORE DEMOS PLEASE!!)
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  • Pac-Man

  • driptray 10/08/2006

    I like pac-man.

    This is pac-man.

    £4 for a game that I'll play regularly is plenty fine with me, thank-you very much.

    It's all part of gaming's rich tapestry.
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  • Puyo Pop Fever hits DS, PSP

  • driptray 04/04/2006

    I'm afraid to say I thought this was pretty poor. Nowhere near as good as Zoo Keeper or Meteos. It's just dull and has a really annoying style that seems aimed solely at 10-year old girls.

    (Meteos, btw, overrated in my opinion. Started off genius, then got old really quickly. Zoo Keeper STILL rocks though!)
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