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  • Lifeless Planet: Encounters at the end of the world

  • badwhippet 13/04/2014

    @superfurry Thanks for the heads-up. I've added the game to my wish-list but had skipped the trailer purely because lack of time, with the intention of revisiting it. I'll now avoid. Reply +6
  • Peter Molyneux's Godus problem

  • badwhippet 01/04/2014

    I'm not sure that adding voyagers will make any difference between boring and not boring. The difference lies somewhere in what (still) makes Populous good (and compulsive), and Godus NOT good - and I can't fathom what that difference is. Reply +2
  • badwhippet 01/04/2014

    I would sooner pay a fixed price for a game (even if a triple-A title IS high) than have costs dribbled at me through a free-to-play scheme. I want to know that IF I love a game, I can play it for months or even years without having to budget for it. Reply +38
  • SimCity can now be played offline

  • badwhippet 18/03/2014

    Small victory maybe, but it's not THE biggest fault. There is no simulation while you cannot actually BUILD a city at all. The plot sizes are so ridiculously small that I can't imagine anyone could honestly think this would even work.

    Now if this was fixed, it would be a much, MUCH better game. It would be a fun game, and not over in 2 hours flat.
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  • SimCity offline mode "almost there mayors"

  • badwhippet 14/03/2014

    I didn't care massively about the stupid online requirement (aggravating, but oh well). What really killed the game for me is simple: tiny city squares. Two hours and you're done. None of the fun of Simcity 4 as a result, despite its otherwise great potential. Reply +4
  • Banished review

  • badwhippet 28/02/2014

    Most reviews are saying the same "wish there was more" but they're missing the point of Banished. When the map is full, all the achievements have been earned, when all crop and livestock types are being farmed and traded, and once the population is easily into 4 figure numbers and still growing, THEN it's done - but I'm not sure many appreciate this. The developer set out not to have all the clichéd upgrade paths, unlockable objectives and such (he blogged about this) and now reviewers are punishing him for daring to do something different. I give Banished an 8 out of 10 personally. The fun is in the difficulty and trying to keep everyone surviving when you do dare to expand. I've already put some 40+ hours into it - which I daresay is more than Thief will last me. Reply +5
  • Rock Band dev announces music-based FPS Chroma

  • badwhippet 18/02/2014

    Why is everything going F2P? People outright buying the game not making enough money already? This kind of game looks cool but I'm just done with all this F2P shit. I'll reserve judgement to see how much it COULD cost and how much grind there will be beyond paying a reasonable amount, but I just wish we could simply buy a game outright. Reply +1
  • Myst gets remade, again, in realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

  • badwhippet 08/02/2014

    @jellyBelly Happily, members of the fan community are remaking Riven with Cyan's blessing! It's called "Unreal Riven" and looks to be exceptional. Not sure when release will be, though. They're a small team working on a huge project. Reply +1
  • 10 mind-melting BioShock Infinite theories

  • badwhippet 01/02/2014

    I don't usually like FPS games, but Bioshock Infinite I thought was incredible! I really enjoyed the head-screwing storyline. Reply +2
  • A fireside chat on Hearthstone's past, present and future

  • badwhippet 31/01/2014

    It's the whole feel of the game NOT being 'pay-2-win" that had me buy my first pack last week. I felt guilty about playing such a good game for free, and if a few extra cards actually gives something back to Blizzard, then I'm good with that. Reply +8
  • Thief achievement asks you not to rush through the game

  • badwhippet 28/01/2014

    From all the previews I've read, it looks like comparing this to Dishonored would be somewhat premature.

    I don't think anyone who could remotely appreciate the charms of Dishonored would've rushed through it. Typically they'd probably give up after ten minutes wondering why it wasn't like Call of Duty.
    That's very true. Unfortunately, there were many gripes that Dishonored was 'too short', with players complaining that they finished it within 4, 5, 6 hours. My shortest play-through was 15 hours, so that's why I think this Thief achievement has been added.

    Alas, I'm regretting my Thief pre-order the more I read about it (got it from GMG for £20). I haven't read enough to think 'cancel NOW!' yet, but it's not looking good so far...
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  • badwhippet 28/01/2014

    If the game design bears any resemblance to Dishonored, then it kinda makes sense. Anyone who played that game knows that some missions can be completed in under 5 minutes flat (like "Lady Boyle's Last Party"), but to find all the bonus runes, read all the diaries, dispatch all enemies etc and really experience the level, it takes an hour or two easily and is a much better way to play the game. Reply +2
  • The case of the disappearing video games

  • badwhippet 26/01/2014

    This is a situation where, longer-term, digital versions are more likely to have a longer life span (legally or otherwise). Console gamers will see it happen if their new console doesn't offer backwards compatibility. It won't be felt right now, but in years to come it will be. As a veteran gamer I was around when all sorts of weird and wonderful consoles existed (like the Amiga CD32). Keeping that kit running just to make use of the physical media has less long-term guarantee than archived-digital-resales (like GOG), abandonware games, emulated or pirated digital games have. Some people download pirated versions of games they've already paid for just so they can keep the game if the games client DRM is switched off (GFWL-reliant games will soon be scuppered if the game won't function without the DRM check). Gamers can obtain access to games from the 1970s and 80s via digital emulators and remakes. These are more likely to be running in years to come than games reliant on any physical medium. Reply +5
  • How Thief has changed, for better and for worse

  • badwhippet 24/01/2014

    Why does every single game have to be 're-imagined' to something more in line with fast-paced action? Don't publishers realise we have 3000 of those and are waiting for all the alternative stuff to catch up. Reply +5
  • Microsoft paid YouTubers to say nice things about Xbox One - report

  • badwhippet 21/01/2014

    What a stupid thing to do. If the system is good enough in its own right, why do they have to bribe owners to mention it? It only creates the image that the console is not as good as its competition - the exact opposite message than the one MS is trying to foster. Reply +15
  • GAME's back on track and eyeing the stock market

  • badwhippet 15/01/2014

    I stopped going to GAME when they stopped selling PC titles. All my games are now digital downloads, so I expect there would be no profit in them restocking PC games now. Reply +3
  • Finally! SimCity offline mode confirmed

  • badwhippet 13/01/2014

    Online mode isn't the killer - it's the stupid-small city sizes, and Maxis have already confirmed they cannot do anything about that. Reply +6
  • Razer's module-tastic PC is mad, or genius

  • badwhippet 08/01/2014

    @sh4m4n - not true in my case. I have mice, keypads and headphones that range between 1 and 3 years - all performing perfectly. Nothing wrong with Razer products. They're pretty damn good, in fact. Reply 0
  • Games of 2013: Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • badwhippet 22/12/2013

    This awesome game is the only game I have that really, properly makes use of the gears and clutch pedal of my Logitech G27, and it really adds to the simulation. Reply +2
  • SWIV retrospective

  • badwhippet 16/12/2013

    There is an EXCELLENT remake of SWIV for free at Retro Remakes (look under the 2003 Competition Entries). Runs in all current Windows versions and uses arrow keys plus space-bar to control. Reply 0
  • All the Xbox One launch games and their install sizes

  • badwhippet 21/11/2013

    With recent PC game prices hiking up to £39.99 from the likes of EA and Egosoft, I figured that it was happening: PC prices are being dragged up to the offensive prices of console games. Looking at the insane prices quoted here, how wrong I was! Reply 0
  • SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow review

  • badwhippet 15/11/2013

    I bought CoT despite my disappointment in the failed Simcity 2013. I'm a bit surprised in how much it's changed the game: it is now nothing like Simcity whatsoever - more a futuristic, simplified Galactic Civ meets Sim Tower meets Simcity - with the usual balancing issues that keep these games playable. I'm a bit surprised to find I'm enjoying it - I think because it's no longer pretending to be a Simcity wannabe so I'm no longer mourning what is lost with every click. Don't know how long it will last, but it has made something into a playable new game from an unplayable disappointment. But it's the final nail in the coffin for a true Simcity replacement, for sure. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 4 teaser images released by BioWare

  • badwhippet 08/11/2013

    I cannot describe just HOW much I'm looking forward to this! I loved the Mass Effect trilogy and it just proved to me how epic Bioware are at crafting a game and a story. Very excited! Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift plus Euro Truck Simulator 2 equals the real next-gen

  • badwhippet 23/10/2013

    Not my usual sort of game, but I LOVE ETS2. It's super-awesome with a wheel that has a separate gear-shift and clutch, because there is plenty of chance to mangle 18 gears, stall, curse - rinse and repeat (add this to confusion over which side of the road you're on). For authenticity, players should position the stick-shift left or right of their wheel accordingly and then be totally screwed! This is the first time I have seen OR reviewed where I think it makes me want one! Cool! Reply +2
  • The Sims 4 delayed until autumn 2014

  • badwhippet 23/10/2013

    @callum9999 This tends to be used as a convenient generalisation (and excuse by some companies) when it doesn't apply wholesale across the US by any means, and most games publishers don't do this. My partner is from an area of the US where housing costs and salaries are comparable to Europe. Of the major houses I purchase games from, only EA has ever been guilty of it and their only justification (can't now find the article) was that 'piracy comes mostly from Europe'. Their USD100+ charge for Simcity 2013 was almost double that for the US price, but even where US salaries/living costs are lesser, they're NOT half of UK salaries/prices anywhere. So, just a ruse. Reply +1
  • badwhippet 23/10/2013

    The worst thing about EA's new pricing rip-off is not so much that they're pairing up PC games with console game prices, but that they're charging the same price (ie number) in pounds/euros that they're charging in USD, meaning we pay something like £15-£25 more than US customers for no good reason (sales tax only accounts for about a third of it). They're keeping prices low for the US while making every other country subsidise. I've regretfully stopped buying EA titles as a result. Reply +3
  • Ubisoft cancels the next-generation launch party

  • badwhippet 19/10/2013

    I don't think the delay of Watch Dogs is going to be catastrophic (it's disappointing, sure - I can't wait for this game) but people will still want their Day 1 consoles and people will still buy Watch Dogs when it's released. I'm personally glad Ubisoft has had the guts to say they want to delay the game until it's right. There are other publishers who would demand the title is released in its current unworthy state and then patch it later, often badly (which is potentially more harmful to that publisher's rep than a company who'd rather risk losing out on a big new IP release just to ensure the game actually works for its gamers). Kudos to Ubi on this one. Reply +1
  • Godus 1.3.1 alpha review

  • badwhippet 16/10/2013

    This review says it all. I'd contributed to the Kickstarter, having loved the original Populous games, loved Black & White - this HAD to be worth funding. But alas, it feels meh. I can't find any enjoyment or addictiveness about it and I'm not sure why. I don't think that's down to incompleteness or lack of features at this early stage, but just no real motivation to do what the game asks the player to do. I hope it improves, but I'm not sure it will. Reply 0
  • Asus PQ321Q review - eyes-on with the first 4K PC display

  • badwhippet 13/10/2013

    How many existing (not future) games will look even half-way decent at this enormous resolution? I presume they'll need to be run in windowed mode so as to keep their pixel density, or the gamer would find their games looking pixelated and decidedly 'retro'. Reply 0
  • How to Play Video Games: A Women's Guide

  • badwhippet 11/10/2013

    @ShiftyGeezer You assume metrics actually gather data from EVERYONE but that's simply not true. I (like many other women friends of mine) buy my games digitally without actually specifying gender - and no survey has ever asked me about who I am or what I play in the last 15-20 years. So no, metrics only show what their given target audience plays, but that's all.. Reply 0
  • badwhippet 11/10/2013

    I loved the vid - gave me a laugh because of the daft reactions I've gotten when gamers discover (SHOCK) that I'm female. Seriously, I'm tired of a media industry acting like I don't exist when I've been an avid gamer since the 1980s. Those gaming articles implying that women are new to gaming or need 'special' games made for them are dumb. I play CoD, Mass Effect, Fallout, GTA etc just like masses of other gamers - and I know a lot of other women who do too. It's not so much a hit at males and misogyny - but at ridiculous media writers (whatever gender) who just assume women don't (or never used to) play games. Reply +3
  • Godus beta update 1.3 released

  • badwhippet 05/10/2013

    I've been playing the alpha build of Godus but I just don't find the fun in it that his earlier games STILL have (the updated Populous series can be bought from and the original Black & White discs STILL work today). Godus lacks something. There's no grab to it in the way the earlier titles are still so compelling to play. I hope it improves and becomes fun; it just feels mundane right now. Reply 0
  • The ultimate retro handheld collectors' guide

  • badwhippet 29/09/2013

    Gah - these weren't the first hand-helds, you young pup! I remember the first "Mario Brothers" (no 'Super' back then): a double-screened black and white hand-held with the Mario brothers catching boxes falling off conveyor belts. It was maddeningly addictive at the time. I think it came out in the late 1970s when the first Ataris brought Space Invaders to us newly-formed game addicts. Reply 0
  • At least 80 per cent of proceeds from new SimCity DLC to go to Red Cross

  • badwhippet 18/09/2013

    But at £7.99 again - for one thing - again??? Seriously, if they charged £1.99 I expect loads of players would start buying the DLC, but it's too massively overpriced for one item only. A shame because it is a good thing they're doing re donating to Red Cross, but I can't imagine many will pay that sort of price. Reply +5
  • Nvidia Shield review

  • badwhippet 11/08/2013

    In one way I'm really pleased for nVidia that this has held up so well in testing (I didn't think it would), but on the other hand I'm not really sure that many people would want one. Android games are on pretty much every mobile 'thing' out there now (and are designed not to need a controller anyway) and I've not found one that would prove more playable than my PC games, so I wouldn't use the Android part, and if I want to play my PC games - well, there's no situation where I wouldn't be able to (or want to) sit at my PC either. Kudos for innovation and quality, but I just don't see where it will sit to be any popular choice. Reply +2
  • SimCity sold over 2 million copies

  • badwhippet 25/07/2013

    EA is 'satisfied', and the top gurus of Maxis have walked, meaning this still-broken game will likely never be repaired. I, like many, bought this game with the love of its predecessors and the hope Maxis was still the team it once was and could fix the engine. How wrong I was. A let-down, and a $100 game not played since the first 6 weeks after launch. Reply +2
  • Dark review

  • badwhippet 08/07/2013

    Wow - this was a game I had high hopes for. Glad I waited. Reply +3
  • £6 SimCity Airships Set adds hot air balloons and blimps

  • badwhippet 01/07/2013

    This is not 'DLC' that we see in other games. This is ONE measly building. £6 for one building is a ridiculous price! EA still has a massive amount to learn. Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs gameplay footage reveals how other players will invade your campaign

  • badwhippet 21/06/2013

    I'd honestly prefer my single-player games uninvaded. Otherwise my game is shackled to someone else's lag, or they're shackled to mine. Reply +4
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 review

  • badwhippet 10/06/2013

    The 700 series is nVidia rebranding their 600 series - possibly because the 6 series might be seen as less than AMD's 7 series (my guess).

    I imagine there's no need for anyone running a 560 or better to upgrade just yet. Most cards from the last four or so years ending in the number 60 or later play all of today's games absolutely fine and will continue to do so for a while yet. The prices are utterly stupid though and this is where the consoles will come in. AMD's garnering a significant chunk of the gaming industry, and if nVidia wants to remain relevant, they need to stop nVidia gamers bleeding over to AMD too (as an nVidia fan myself, I can still that AMD is offering better value for money).
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  • Amazon US opens its own indie games digital storefront

  • badwhippet 06/06/2013

    @Pingzii Thanks - didn't know we could use a random US address. I'll try this. Reply 0
  • badwhippet 06/06/2013

    I won't buy games from Amazon until they start allowing digital downloads in the UK. Until then, it's largely a waste of space for PC games. Steam, Green Man Gaming and Gamersgate all the way for now. Reply 0
  • EA makes SimCity Amusement Park expansion official

  • badwhippet 24/05/2013

    Need a bigger city space for your Amusement Park? Course you do - so buy Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 from Good Old Games (unlike SimCity it comes with all DLC included). Reply +8
  • SimCity update 4.0 adds a new park and a new region - but doesn't increase the city size

  • badwhippet 23/05/2013

    Honestly - if only they'd do something about the stupidly pointlessly small city sizes, this game would be getting a lot closer to playable. As it is, it continues to feel like a Facebook casual game. Reply 0
  • SimCity Amusement Park Pack DLC add-on revealed

  • badwhippet 17/05/2013

    It looks cool, but HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FIT THIS IN a TINY CITY and afford to keeping it tunning? Reply +4
  • Nvidia's Project Shield to cost $349 in North America

  • badwhippet 15/05/2013

    Gutsy innovation, but hard to see where this fits. It's overkill for Android apps (smartphones will always be more portable) and if you need to be within range of your running PC for streaming PC games, well why not just sit at the PC in the first place? Maybe okay for households where several fight over access to the family PC. The price is waaaaay too high. Reply 0
  • Radeon HD 7790 review

  • badwhippet 10/05/2013

    Yes, this hierarchy shows the 7790 as a distinctly mid-range card - fine for today but will be outdated in 2 years tops. Disappointing, but when an old NVidia 580(3Gb DDR) is STILL selling at £420, not sure what else they can do. Reply +2
  • The Sims 4 officially announced

  • badwhippet 07/05/2013

    Can't they just fix SimCity first instead of claiming their bugs are because we're simply playing it wrongly. Reply 0
  • Dishonored: Void Walker's Arsenal DLC available 14th May

  • badwhippet 05/05/2013

    I'm glad of the release. I'm tired of the pre-order bullshit that says you can only have ALL the game's assets if you'll risk not waiting for reviews first. I wish more publishers would do the same. Reply +1
  • Game Dev Tycoon forces those who pirate the game to unwittingly fail from piracy

  • badwhippet 29/04/2013

    Generally speaking (ie not referring to this game in particular) there will be an initial wave of piracy for any game where the developer fails to offer any other way for people to 'try before they buy'. A youtube vid is not enough for a player to know whether they will like the feel and control of a game. NOT an excuse by any means, but it would cut out a lot of piracy if people could try a demo first. Reply +2