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  • Editor's blog: Eurogamer Sweden is back!

  • Phattso 12/03/2015

    Tak tak! Reply +1
  • Asteroids is getting rebooted as an open-world survival MMO

  • Phattso 11/02/2015

    I blame Commodore. For not finishing them off completely when they had the chance. Reply +4
  • Assetto Corsa review

  • Phattso 16/01/2015

    Given that you need to swap from joypad to keyboard and mouse to use the menu system, this definitely isn't one for sofa gamers like me.

    Once in there, though, it's a blast. Slightly narked to have paid full price for the Early Access when they slashed two thirds off it in the sales. :-/
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • Phattso 17/11/2014

    Ah, except I seem to recall they're not going to put it up on Steam - so yeah, their download page or wherever. All the same. As long as people know what they're getting, it's no big deal. I'm not a Backer, so I can't complain (and I'm not). I just miss out on a good game. *shrug* Reply 0
  • Phattso 17/11/2014

    @PlugMonkey my hets aren't up. I was going to buy Elite, and now I'm not. Thankfully it doesn't exist in a vacuum and I'll probably (maybe) find something else to play in this quiet season for game releases. ;)

    There're plenty of people posting here to say it doesn't bother them in the slightest, and I'm sure Frontier did a back-of-a-beermat calculation and decided that the people pissed at this would be in the minority.

    When it goes up on Steam or wherever it'll say "Internet connection required" and people will know what they're getting.

    The world keeps turning.
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  • Phattso 17/11/2014

    @PlugMonkey well let's see, shall we? They've already back-peddled so who is to say that next week they won't change their minds again and insist on a constant connection?

    I live in China, so depending on the whims of the government Elite may be declared against the common good and the servers completely outlawed. :)

    In the evenings my connection speed goes down to BITS per second. So yes - if I wanted to play that night, and my Internet wasn't doing so well, I wouldn't be able to. It happens already a lot - it killed Diablo 3 for a long time, and is currently rendering Destiny unplayable and anything that uses the Ubisoft client frequently falls over removing access to my single player games. Fuck that noise.

    I admit I'm probably not a common case, but it's a big world. Lots of different scenarios. And until today, everyone thought that Frontier would support that.

    Shame they won't.
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  • Phattso 17/11/2014

    Bad show. I didn't back the Kickstarter because I didn't trust Braben and co. to deliver - I was glad to be proven wrong if comments from the beta are to be believed. Offline is something that is meaningful for me because I'm on dodgy Internet and there's nothing I can do about it - I was looking forward to buying it next month.

    For them to announce this mere weeks before launch is absolute bullshit. They didn't suddenly realise it wasn't possible/what they wanted. They possibly haven't even tried!

    Dev dude talking about the effort required, the architecture changes - but they designed the damned thing! If they had EVER been serious about offline then naturally all of the systems they built would handle that. They would have built the galaxy mechanics to operate in a client-local module. It's just code, after all.

    The fact that there's no offline suggests they never really cared about it. So why offer it? Answer: to tick all the boxes for as many potential backers as possible.

    That's how it appears to me anyways. Not a huge drama, not the end of the world, but I certainly have no further interest in this now. Shame.

    Good business sense. Bad treatment of customers. Glad I didn't back it.
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  • The New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

  • Phattso 19/09/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil Ah! Well, if that's the case then I certainly stand corrected. Last person I knew that tried such a thing had an absolute nightmare of a time. Perhaps the exception rather than the rule.

    So: I can transfer all my launch model 3DS Ambassador games, purchases and saves over, and have it linked to my eShop/Nintendo Club just by exporting and then importing? Interesting. Now I just have to wait until 2015 and they announce a release and price I guess.
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  • Phattso 19/09/2014

    If Nintendo had a non-retarded way of getting my e-purchases and Ambassador games off my launch model 3DS onto one of these then I'd be all over it. As it is, I'll probably pass. Shame though, it tickles my fancy otherwise! Reply +1
  • Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas single-player pricing detailed

  • Phattso 09/07/2014

    700g per wing shouldn't be too hard to come by if you're playing regularly. Finally: a reason to actually do some of those daily quests. :) Reply +5
  • Among the Sleep review

  • Phattso 04/06/2014

    I backed this on Kickstarter, albeit mainly for the Rift support, and pretty much agree with this write-up. It never gets better than the opening 20 minutes, sadly. Reply +13
  • Sacred 3 out this summer

  • Phattso 20/02/2014

    No loot drops? Wow, yeah, that's a massive misstep. I've gone from mild happiness that this is coming to abject indifference in a matter of moments.

    Sacred 2 was all about the loot. And tooling about on the back of a giant spider, obviously.
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  • XCOM creator Julian Gollop announces Chaos Reborn

  • Phattso 22/01/2014


    So excited for this, pleasedontbeshitpleasedontbeshitpleasedontbeshit.
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  • It's decided: Torment Numenera will be turn-based

  • Phattso 09/12/2013

    No matter how the vote went, this was always going to be the decisions. In their emails to backers it's completely signposted that this is their preference and that even if the vote was 100% against they reserved the right to do what they felt was best.

    It's a bad situation for me though - I'm as much playing this for my hit of Baldur's Gate nostalgia as I am for Planescape, and in BG the combat is very much at the heart of the experience.

    I'm a backer. I will remain a backer. But with this decision I must confess I have lost pretty much all interest in the finished article. And that's a shame.

    Happy to be proven wrong, but I don't think I'm going to enjoy a game with this sort of combat set in that kind of world and with those visuals really tugging at my expectations from the BG days.
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  • Wings of desire: My favourite Hearthstone card

  • Phattso 25/11/2013

    There are plenty of spells in the game that do one damage to all minions, thus clearing the decks in one fell swoop. :) I do love it when someone puts a Core Hound down and I Polymorph it and then do the damage to all spell.

    Oh, and the reason there are so many Mages is because that's the starting class. Therefore, by default, there will be a constant stream of new people coming in and playing as Mages. It's sort of cool actually - I know that when I leave my comfort blanket of the Mage deck it's going to be lose-city, but I shall emerge from the ashes of defeat to lay waste to all comers!

    Or at least I'll slowly and steadily chip away at them from the safety of my Warrior deck. :)
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  • Path of Exile review

  • Phattso 25/10/2013

    Well, it did say it was too easy with not enough tactical variety in the bad guys. That's a pretty big negative.

    That said, same was true of Titan Quest and that was awesome. The price is right, I'll definitely be checking this out.
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  • Warhammer Quest expansion released

  • Phattso 03/10/2013

    Yeah, for what amount to tileset changes and a few new models they really are asking a lot. Fun game, I sank something silly like 15 hours into the base game and the first expansion. I think it has lost its luster now though, so won't be going back in for these new additions.

    Maybe if they did a consolidated batch of the content for a better price I'd reconsider. And fixed the bugs. And the crashing. And maybe added a tutorial for newbies who never played the original board game.
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  • See an ocelot get messed up in Assassin's Creed 4

  • Phattso 01/10/2013

    If they've taken some learning from Far Cry 3 then this could be amazing. You could easily call FC3's outposts "copy and paste" but they were basically the most amazing minigames ever. Deciding how to clear one out, which strategy to use, etc. etc. was easily the high point of the whole game.

    Transplant that feeling into the whole shiver-me-timbers pirate setting, and they could be sitting on pure gold. Fingers crossed!

    Also hope that the PC version is running all of the next-gen effects, unlike fucking FIFA14 which got jipped and is just using the old-gen engine on PC. :-/
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  • Democratic gaming in the People's Republic of China

  • Phattso 06/08/2013

    I recently found an old Sega Rally 2 arcade machine with the pneumatic chassis and force feedback wheel in a backstreet arcade in Shanghai. It must've been set to 'easy' mode because I was able to play on it for 30 minutes for the equivalent of 40p.

    Good times. :)
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  • The Division: Massive by name...

  • Phattso 05/07/2013

    @20GOTO10 from what they've said, though, this is more RPG than straight up shooter. So it'll be down to the 'build' of your character, the gear you have, and the tactics you and your group employ more than l337 skillzorz in a COD sense. Plus with only 90 seconds, and no prior warning, it's not like they're going to be able to setup an ambush or anything?

    At least that's how it seems to me. And I really hope I'm right, because like you I'm utter bollocks at competitive multiplayer. :)

    Overall this was easily the most wonderful surprise to come out of E3 for me, but like others I'm skeptical at how much of what that canned video showed will actually make it, in that form, into the final game. Here's hoping!
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  • Lord British launches Kickstarter for oldschool RPG Shroud of the Avatar: Forbidden Virtues

  • Phattso 11/03/2013

    If you're wondering where all your swearing went, I edited it out. Can't have an Ultima thread sullied with profanity. Even if Garriot is a money-grabbing cu... ;) Reply -1
  • Phattso 11/03/2013

    Calm down, guys. It's just the Internet. Reply -1
  • Microsoft to reveal its next console in April - rumour

  • Phattso 23/02/2013

    @StooMonster the conversation was about retail. I was talking about independent retailers, rather than independent games developers, but I can see that it's not 100% clear. Too many damned indies. :) Reply +2
  • Phattso 23/02/2013

    @NotSoSlim I think I'll be happy enough just to see retail disappear to a large extent. When the indies started to die off, there wasn't really anything left with any soul to replace it. If it's a choice between boxshifter A and boxshifter B I'll pick the one that's cheaper and delivers to my door.

    There're changes coming. Smartphones have proven that retail doesn't need to be the focal point any more. And while I personally don't find it appealing, MS do at least have the mass market angle right: people want to do more with one device. I have a smartphone and I probably spend less than 5% of my time on it actually making calls or messaging. I expect that now. I think the vast majority of people might welcome that approach in their "games" console.

    You and I won't, but I guess that's the difference between an addressable market of a "mere" 75 million gamers and... well, anyone with disposable income I suppose.
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  • Phattso 23/02/2013

    @NotSoSlim actually, I think the only rumour that would kill it dead for me is the always online one. And while I think there will be some functions that are tied to online, I'd be stunned (stunned I say!) if that were a blanket decision.

    I'd like to think even MS weren't that stupid. While I'm not against used games sales, I have hundreds of titles on Steam that I can't ever sell on so I'm not attached to the notion of ownership in the same way I was a decade ago.

    Also it depends how we define "Kinect must be used". If it's just bolting on optional voice control as they currently have, and which most developers just shoehorn in and then forget about, and the Kinect 2 unit is in the box, I don't see too much to complain about.

    If it ships without a joypad then, obviously, I might view it differently. ;)

    MS have never made a secret about their desire to be at the heart of our living rooms, so it's disingenuous to suddenly be appalled by it. I thought the 360 dash updates went too far, so I hope they properly refocus for the new console.

    But even with all that: keeping hold of six or seven years worth of downloadable games, many of which are stone cold classics, is a very exciting proposition for me.

    But you're right in principle - if the rest of the system is a total fucking mess then it's irrelevant. I'd be surprised if that were the case though.
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  • Phattso 23/02/2013

    @cloudskipa oooh, interesting! That leak must've passed me by somehow. I guess they're (relatively) cheap cores to produce now - might also explain why MS are potentially skimping elsewhere: to offset the cost.

    I think it's the smart move though - I didn't use the PSStore much because it was all a bit too late and lackluster. I was using XBLA pretty much from day one with my 360. That said, despite loving my 360 more than is sanitary (eeewwwww!) the recent focus on Kinect and draping adverts all over my dashboard had convinced me to ignore the next XBOX. But the idea of bringing that library across would actually sway my decision back to MS I think.

    Roll on April, I guess!
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  • Phattso 23/02/2013

    @darkmorgado I believe the 360 is running a PowerPC architecture vs. the (presumed) x86 on the next Xbox. Certainly it'd be easier to 'emulate' than Cell is, but not trivial I think and certainly not a given.

    XBLA/XBLIG titles that came the XNA route might be relatively easy to recompile for any new target though, certainly that's what I'll be hoping for. So many amazing games in my XBLA pile, I'd be sorry to lose them.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines preview: the Aliens game you've been waiting for?

  • Phattso 12/12/2012

    Heh, I wonder what the tinfoil hat wearing fucktards that claim EG's previews are just marketing exercises in disguise will make of this?! :)

    I'm more than a little deflated upon reading this, I'd have to say. It almost feels like a license it's hard to mess up, but the developer in this case is out to prove us wrong. D'oh.
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  • Far Cry retrospective

  • Phattso 03/12/2012

    You picked the wrong quote, Porter. "I'm gonna shoot you in the FACE!" was by far the most memorable bad guy goon line in this or any other shooter. :) Reply 0
  • Borderlands 2 coming to Mac this month

  • Phattso 12/11/2012

    @shadowfacex all it really takes is for development houses to architect Mac-friendly software. Performance isn't a problem per se, the OpenGL performance on OSX is absolutely fine as you point out. But getting the software into a position where it's ready to integrate with the OSX ecosystem is a little more complex.

    I think, and hope, that more will do it over time. If Steam makes a big leap to Linux and OSX to combat Windows 8's App Store then that will be a great benefit, because there'll be a larger incentive to support the alternate platforms.

    In the meantime: Borderlands 2! \o/
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  • Phattso 12/11/2012

    @shadowfacex if you think there's "plenty" then you're far more easily pleased than I am.

    Where's my X-Com? Why did I have to play Deus Ex: HR and Rage via Bootcamp? Where's my Skyrim? Dishonoured? Need for Speed? The list goes on.

    I've long since exhausted what Steam had to offer. I have all the Telltale games, I have all the Civilisation games, I have all the Blizzard games and I have a shitload of Indie games thanks to the Humble Bundles and The Witcher II. I know where to look, and I know what's worth having.

    It's still less than 10% of my Steam catalogue, with the other 90% being Windows only stuff and the figure is only that high because I stopped buying games that weren't Steamplay about 18 months ago (with a few high profile exceptions).

    I'm hoping that a few higher profile success stories (like Borderlands 2) will convince publishers and developers that there's a market for this stuff on OSX. Assuming, of course, that there is.
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  • Phattso 09/11/2012

    That's pretty good news, I think I'll pick this up. With luck more devs and publishers will start knocking out OSX/Linux versions as a matter of course. It's mainly Blizzard, Telltale and the smaller indies propping up the Mac platform at the moment.

    Will be nice to play something on my Macbook that isn't Diablo III or Starcraft II. :)
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  • Star Trek Preview: "It's like someone spliced Metroid Prime into my Uncharted"

  • Phattso 13/09/2012

    Digital Extremes have always churned out workmanlike games, but their tech is usually pretty good even if often just spliced onto someone elses engines. I'm sure they'll iron out any visual weirdness, and I hope the license spurs them into creating a memorable game.

    I'm with GAmbrose on the voice over though - unless the vocal work for this demo was done in isolation, and the rest is yet to be done, it's unlikely to improve.
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  • Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC dated and priced

  • Phattso 03/09/2012

    @AlphaCookie in the first game, the DLC didn't really advance the story per se. They were standalone vignettes, and all took place in different areas to the first game - they weren't a part of the narrative structure.

    Not that the story was all that in the first one anyway, especially with _that_ ending. I'm sure they'll do better this time.

    Given how good the BL1 DLC was, I'm happy that they're already committed to more this time. Be nice if it was in the main package, of course, but I loved how it extended the life of the first game.
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  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • Phattso 05/06/2012

    Phew! Throat stabs. I thought Sony didn't get the memo for a while there... Reply 0
  • New Motorstorm RC DLC races onto PSN

  • Phattso 02/04/2012

    Yeah - I've been lapping up the DLC to this. Amazing how much good will a generous (but sensible) asking price for the main game will buy you. And a fantastic game to boot, which also helps. Reply +10
  • 1000 Diablo 3 Beta Keys!

  • Phattso 23/03/2012

    I know the game is only just around the corner, but this just made my week. Cheers, EG. Reply +1
  • Nintendo giving away 3D Classics: Kid Icarus free

  • Phattso 02/12/2011

    Ever so slightly annoying that those of us registering many of those games prior to the 1st of November don't get a look in. :-/ Reply +3
  • Amazon Black Friday deals open to UK shoppers

  • Phattso 21/11/2011

    Well, there were earlier.

    /nabbed Driver: San Francisco for a tenner
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  • Limited edition Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 video

  • Phattso 17/11/2011

    Just gotta say hats off for the misquotes in these here comments. Genius work, people. Reply +1
  • Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim patch 1.1 at launch

  • Phattso 08/11/2011

    @UncleLou Only consumers with the shit console. ;-) Reply -6
  • Limbo dev: the retail model is "broken"

  • Phattso 01/11/2011

    I love the notion here that the truck drives all the way to Japan and back to deliver it to my local Game store. Because, of course, localised production of discs is a physical impossibility. :) Reply +20
  • Arkham City DLC launch mishap

  • Phattso 20/10/2011

    Well that's awkward! :)

    As long as you also have a proper console, we can probably move on from this...
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  • Phattso 20/10/2011

    Cjail isn't the most thick-skinned, it seems.

    Chill, dude. We're all friends here. Except with the Playstation owners, obviously.
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  • Phattso 20/10/2011

    Cjail isn't the sharpest, it seems. ;) Reply -3
  • Play Uncharted 3 campaign this weekend

  • Phattso 13/10/2011

    In fairness to Sony, that is just around the corner from their London offices in Soho. I'm sure if they had offices OoopNaarth then that's where it'd be held.

    You whinging Northern gits. ;)
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  • Retrospective: Formula One Grand Prix

  • Phattso 02/10/2011

    Nice nostalgic read, although to suggest Grand Prix lost its innocence in '94 is to perhaps conveniently forget the many many deaths in the decades preceding it. You know, back when they used to just drag the smouldering corpses to the edge of the course and carry on racing... Reply +1
  • Fanatec Forza 4 wheel detailed, priced

  • Phattso 27/09/2011

    Thanks, MontyBrewster. The chances of me ordering direct from Fanatec: 0%.

    Possibility that this requirement actually lowered the RRP: 0%.

    Chance that they couldn't get anyone to stock their overpriced niche peripheral: 60%.
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  • Phattso 27/09/2011

    Doesn't seem like many (any?) traditional UK stockists are bothering to get this in, or have I missed something? I'd be tempted, depending on the price for wheel+pedals in pounds sterling. If they just map Euro onto they can get bent. Reply 0
  • Borderlands 2

  • Phattso 05/09/2011

    "Humor"? Fuck off. :)

    Also: need this game more than air*.

    *This is an exaggeration.
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