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  • Zombie Driver HD review

  • Javier-de-Ass 23/10/2012

    @aldo_14 they did implement a few cameras in the patch a while after it first came out. none of them work particularly well for me however. ^I just wrote, I have the same problem. Reply 0
  • Javier-de-Ass 23/10/2012

    @Chibi-Kibou same here. I like the game, but it gives me horrible motion sickness. I got them to implement a free moving camera when the game first came out, but it really didn't help much. I think it's the weird angle you view the game horizon at that does it. Reply +1
  • Hotline Miami review

  • Javier-de-Ass 23/10/2012

    why hasn't gog added the download link yet. come on! Reply +1
  • Javier-de-Ass 23/10/2012

    @Waldo nostalgia for that time way back today when this game first came out 15 minutes ago. haha. Reply +17
  • Co-founder Kellee Santiago leaves Journey dev Thatgamecompany

  • Javier-de-Ass 29/03/2012

    should have put her leaving into the game, I don't know how to process this information emotionally. Reply +3
  • Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars walkthrough

  • Javier-de-Ass 22/03/2011

    Got this pre-ordered as well. Looks great. Really like the design decisions, a lot of information in there still but completely uncluttered play. A huge improvement over Rebelstar Tactical Command on GBA. Reply +1
  • Jaffe: Installs, updates "annoy" gamers

  • Javier-de-Ass 03/03/2011

    Sounds like Jaffe bought GT5. Hehe. Reply +1
  • Diablo III team "love" Torchlight

  • Javier-de-Ass 19/02/2011

    "so much so that you might imagine Blizzard's hackles would have been raised"

    haha. this is an incredible news story. why would that ever be, Fred? Christian Lichtner has no prior experience with the Diablo games or franchise. the Runic teams consists of Blizzard veterans with something like 16 years of experience working on action rpgs, not only that but diablo was THEIR game, that team also consists of key people from the Fate team with 6 or more years experience working on action rpgs. the diablo3 team had no prior experience with the diablo games, no personal involvement at all. they're not going to feel any ownership or have any bad feelings towards the people who made that franchise come into existence. the whole premise of this story is ridiculous and laughable.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 patch in 2 weeks

  • Javier-de-Ass 19/02/2011

    this first patch for the PC version is already out. it's just sony and microsoft stuff taking so long for those versions of the game. Reply -3
  • Witcher 2 torrents could net you a fine

  • Javier-de-Ass 23/11/2010

    both my preorders. Reply +2
  • Javier-de-Ass 23/11/2010

    fucking hell cdprojekt. if you're going to waste the money I spend on your games on fucking lawyers I'm going to cancel my preorder. Reply +2
  • MotoGP 09/10

  • Javier-de-Ass 22/03/2010

    Review is a bit harsh I think (the score is fine, whatever), I want a complete sim in every way aswell sure, but this game is still a lot more fun and rewarding to play than those crap Milestone ones. Although if it's actually more or less sim than those, who can tell really, those weren't exactly good games overall. They felt very stiff and slow, and definitely nothing like what riding a motorbike is like. There wasn't enough feedback from the game either to harsh up the rules of physics and whatnot, in a more sim environment you have to add and emphasize sounds and the force feedback, and have a lot more detailed ffb than I think the console controllers allow, so you can lean back on those over actual forces and feel, without that it's just a lot harder to race than it actually is in the for reals.

    At least the camera doesn't tilt when you take turns, which makes this more realistic alone than any of those other games. It's actually possible to play this game, holy crap. The graphics are bad, the controls/physics are extremely forgiving, but it's a fun game for a while and actually playable from the helmet cam. Nice game.
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  • MotoGP 09/10

  • Javier-de-Ass 06/03/2010

    feels pretty good to me, AND THE CAMERA DOESN'T TILT PRAISE JESUS

    will probably get this. graphics are really poor though, awful image quality. but that doesn't really matter.
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  • Javier-de-Ass 01/02/2010

    Isn't too hard to imagine a system where you control the biker around on the bike to shift weight on one thumbstick and steer the bike with the other stick. With this you could countersteer all you want. Which is how you should always turn a bike anyway.

    "An example is camera tilt. I prefer first-person perspective when racing in Forza or GT5:Prologue because that's how I drive in the real world, but how do bikers ride? Your head isn't locked to the bike, but the platform you're sitting on is constantly shifting. How do you replicate that in an accurate but still usable way?"

    You model how a biker turns and lock the camera to the helmet and not the bike of course. Pretty much all motorbike games get this wrong and it blows my mind.
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  • Javier-de-Ass 29/01/2010

    There's only one question that matters, does the camera tilt? Goes for both third person and first person cameras. The camera should never tilt, ever. It's a game ruiner for these shitty motorbike games. Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

  • Javier-de-Ass 02/02/2010

    :arr Reply -35
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • Javier-de-Ass 20/12/2009

    after actually having played the game now. I think the tower is fine this time. but the flute is just hilariously bad. there's no defending this annoying thing. Reply 0
  • Javier-de-Ass 08/12/2009

    "Stuart Campbell is right. Phantom Hourglass wasnt all that apart from its lovely stylus controls"

    what, that's not what he said at all. haha. he said "far and away the most enjoyable Zelda game I've ever played".
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  • Javier-de-Ass 08/12/2009

    ahaha. what's with the -1 action going on for stuart here? did anyone actually enjoy temple of the ocean king? anyone enjoy blowing into the fucking microphone? there's no fucking chance in hell anyone enjoy either of these. stop being idiots. Reply -6
  • Dyack: 2009 cuts have been "staggering"

  • Javier-de-Ass 27/11/2009

    "News on the new Alien Breed release next week..."

    F YEAH
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  • Divinity II: Ego Draconis

  • Javier-de-Ass 26/11/2009

    "EG just reviewed a game low which was their first game on their digital download service."

    But then. Knowing how awesome Serious Sam is, don't you find this suspicious at all? It's a fucking conspiracy, bro. And you swallowed it all.
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  • Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

  • Javier-de-Ass 25/11/2009

    "I still have Serious Sam II installed on my PC and it looks pretty much the same as this new engine so I guess there's little point in buying this game. I'll wait until the price drops in one of Steam's weekend deals I think..."

    Only difference is that ss2 is a horrible game, while the two ss1 games are amazing. Small detail.
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  • Crane Simulator 2009

  • Javier-de-Ass 20/11/2009

    Should have done like mini reviews for all these simulator 2009 games. Quite a few of them are pretty nice. Farming Simulator has actually sold quite well in most of Europe. Reply 0
  • Brütal Legend

  • Javier-de-Ass 13/10/2009

    pretty much the only console game I'm interested in for the rest of the year. too bad there isn't a pc version really, hehe. will probably pick up the ps3 version in a few weeks. Reply +16
  • PC demos for Machinarium, Risen

  • Javier-de-Ass 02/10/2009

    "I think that comment is a little unfair when two of those issues may not be true of the PC demo. You could at least make it clear there that it was the Xbox 360 version that was reviewed not the PC version."

    Only a little unfair? It's a freaking joke.
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  • Risen

  • Javier-de-Ass 02/10/2009

    Dan Whitehead are you fucking high? Reply +16
  • Spyborgs

  • Javier-de-Ass 22/09/2009

    "And when will you review Excitebots!?"

    yeah, probably when it comes out. aka. never.
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  • Trials HD

  • Javier-de-Ass 14/08/2009

    amazing game. best value and easily best game on xbla. you could have mentioned the new analog controls in the part where you're talking about the more responsive keyboard keys, tom. as the analogs really do make a huge difference and after playing the game for too many hours over the past few days it's quite clearly superior to the digital trials2 controls. get us the pc version soon, anba. Reply 0
  • E3: All Points Bulletin

  • Javier-de-Ass 03/07/2009

    allah ackbar! Reply 0
  • Cryostasis

  • Javier-de-Ass 24/02/2009

    "If anyone is thinking of buying a new graphics card for this game then go for an NVIDIA one as the PhysX effects in the tech demo are very impressive and they won't run on ATI/AMD cards as they don't support it. If you have a PhysX card then you'll be OK though."

    The techdemo is somewhat over the top though, the game doesn't slap those effects on anywhere near as thick and its performs is also a shitload better than that techdemo was. A decent core2 and a 8800gt runs this game fine.
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  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • Javier-de-Ass 21/02/2009

    They are supposed to do console version(s), but when this is happening is still TBA. I guess they're just not interested in promising dates they'll miss. PC version first. Reply 0
  • Javier-de-Ass 20/02/2009

    Did anyone see those last couple of screenshots from Dragon Rising? It isn't even close to ArmA 2. Hahaha. Grimrita you are either an idiot or you work for CM.. or both.

    Also, Eurogamer staff please correct the article, as Placebo have posted several times now the word from Marek Spanel himself, this guy Clive whatever had nothing to do with the first OPF game.
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  • Rockstar unveils Red Dead Redemption

  • Javier-de-Ass 04/02/2009

    "Now THIS I was not expecting!"

    What do you mean not expecting, they showed a trailer for it a couple of years ago :DD
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  • Killzone 2

  • Javier-de-Ass 29/01/2009

    haha. must be pretty terrible to only get a 9. didn't fable 2 get a 10? say no more! I can read lips, eg. Reply 0