Podcast #2

With special guests, one of whom has never seen Star Wars. Any of it.

Following last week's triumphant/mediocre/execrable return of the Podcast, this week we've taken on board some of your suggestions.

Host Tom Champion is back, along with editor Tom Bramwell, who wishes to apologise in advance for a crap Wii joke he forgot to clarify was meant in jest, and indeed for all his other jokes which simply aren't funny.

They are joined by news editor Rob Purchese, and the latest addition to the Eurogamer family, Cat Channon.

You can download the second Podcast as an MP3, stream it below, or catch it on iTunes.

What should you expect? Well, there's all sorts of invigorating conversation about what we've been playing this week (Mass Effect 2! FIFA 10! Flash games), some banter about what's on the forum, including our contributions on important/stupid subjects, and we also field questions from the listeners/readers/you.

Plus, we have another couple of prizes for people who are quick off the mark.

Perhaps best of all, we have improved the sound quality, although it's still quite rubbish and we still try to squeak our chairs as much as possible. We're going to shell out on some more kit this week as well, but please don't tell the boss (seriously - I haven't cleared this at all).

Once again, let us know what you think in the comments, or drop us an email, or you can even hassle us on Twitter. Thanks for listening!

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