TF2 owners get Sam & Max loot

Buy new episode, get severed head.

Valve has announced it is giving away Sam & Max items for use in Team Fortress 2 to people who buy the first episode of the latest Telltale adventure series.

"Last year Telltale Games' TF2 Team went head to head with us in the TF2 Studio Rumble tournament, in the process dominating our own Adrian Finol so hard that he made up an excuse about 'picking up my kids somewhere' and went and sat in his car for an hour," Valve explained on the TF2 blog.

"After the match, we all agreed that one of these days we should do something cool together, because they're big fans of TF2, and we're big fans of getting advance copies of Sam & Max episodes."

So, for one week only, you'll get special TF2 treats if you buy the latest Sam & Max episode, The Penal Zone, via Steam. These are Max's Severed Head ("It's got us thinking about all the other game characters we could be wearing around as clothes"), Max's Pistol and Sam's Revolver.


This guy needs to calm down too.

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