Tera Patrick working on Saints Row 2

Porn star to be "special producer".

Tera Patrick, who you're not likely to see in a Disney film, has joined the Saints Row 2 team as a "special producer".

She's known for her very adept work in "adult" films, and more details on her role are expected next Wednesday according to the Saints Row 2 community website.

Tera Patrick will also be appearing tomorrow at Comic Con in San Diego, where she will sign Saints Row 2 artwork for her fans. We hope Ellie gets to meet her.

Saints Row 2 is due out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 17th October. The game aims to move away from comparisons to Grand Theft Auto IV by presenting a hyper-realistic world with stylised visuals and over-the-top gang-banging.

Head over to our Saints Row 2 preview to find out more.


What's her role going to be, we wonder?

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