Tekken 6 online patch on Thursday

Namco Bandai ironing out the Kings.

Namco Bandai will release a PS3 and Xbox 360 patch for Tekken 6 on Thursday that should fix the online multiplayer side of the fighting game.

Input response will be quicker and sharper and data transfer will be less clumsy when spectators are watching an online battle, meaning the host's machine won't be pummelled for bandwidth.

Search priorities will be selectable for ranked matches to help find a more desirable opponent and there will be the option of cancelling a bout once an opponent's signal strength bar is visible - and those, incidentally, should more accurately reflect a fighter's internet connection.

Lag has handicapped Tekken 6 since launch, which is a shame, because with more care and effort Namco Bandai's renowned fighting series could have climbed higher than 7/10.

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