SEGA unveils Wacky World of Sports

It's a Wii exclusive, shockingly.

SEGA has announced a game called Wacky World of Sports in a press release which includes at least one incidence of an exclamation mark and a question mark used next to each other.

Wacky World of Sports features some of the planet's lesser-known sporting events. Did you know that Tuna Tossing is enjoyed Down Under? Well, now you can try it out in the comfort of your own home.

Then there's Furniture Racing, where you can zoom around in old armchairs. Or, says the press release, "If that's still not bizarre enough, how about ironing a shirt while sky diving in the Extreme Ironing event?!"

There are ten sports in the game and a dozen characters to choose from. You can travel round the world defeating champions in Tour mode, or have a go at the multiplayer party mode to see who will be crowned "wackiest athlete".

"Wacky World of Sports brings together what is easily the most outrageous collection of real life sports games SEGA has ever seen," said SEGA exec Gary Knight, who has clearly never played SEGA Superstars Blood Sports, in which you get to go badger baiting with Ulala.

The game will be released exclusively for Wii and just in time for Christmas. Eurogamer lives in hope that someone, somewhere is working on a compilation of wacky sports-themed mini-games based on Man vs. Beast.

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