Rockstar offers GTA IV multiplayer tips

Guides you in.

Rockstar has cobbled together a guide offering advice on the ins and outs of Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer.

It has a few handy tips and tricks, but mostly describes what's on offer and how to get the most out of it; worth a read if, like us, you didn't know you could phone someone half-way across the map using your in-game mobile so you could call them names.

Also covered are taunts, achievement levels, auto-aim pros and cons, blip settings and pad control diagrams.

It isn't long, and you can find it on the official Grand Theft Auto IV website.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released on 29th April and become the fastest selling game ever, amassing 3.6 million sales on its first day and 6 million in its first week.

GTA IV is also on course to become the 2009 game of the year, earning top marks in nearly every review we've come across.

As to which version you should buy, well, pop over to our GTA IV PS3 vs. Xbox 360 face-off to find out.

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