Rare shifty on Perfect Dark 2

No comment on rumours.

Rare has told it has nothing to say about rumours that Perfect Dark 2 is in development for Xbox 360.

According to head of production there, Lee Schuneman, these sorts of rumblings are common place - but the team never talks about anything it might be working on until it is good and ready.

"There's always rumours going around about different games we may or may not be doing but we'd prefer not to comment on rumours at this stage," he said.

Yesterday blog GameGuru claimed unnamed sources had confirmed the project as being in creation, calling it a "true sequel" to the N64 game and revealing new gameplay additions like a morality system and player-perspective story sequences - like Half-Life 2.

Rare is currently working on a new title in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise, which Schuneman has previously promised will "bring something entirely new" to the series.

Less rare is the idea that inside every piece of fiction is gooey and delightful core of fact, something uses in all its concoctions.

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