PS3 rumble firmware sighted

1.94 bundled with Ratchet.

You may not actually be able to play it unless you delete some porn, but Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction does have hidden depths to explore once you do.

That is to say, it's home to a firmware 1.94 update, which adds support for the upcoming DualShock 3 controller and its fancy-not-last-gen-whatever-we-said rumble technology - something Tools of Destruction is built to utilise.

Once installed, Shacknews reports that the PS3's PS-button menu shows a "vibration function" toggle.

Of course, that's no use to you unless you actually have a DualShock 3, which you do not, and will not do any time soon unless you pre-order one from Japan, where it launches sometime next month, or hang on until next spring when it turns up in Europe and the US.

In the meantime, expect firmware 1.94 to turn up on PlayStation Network sometime soon, and indeed expect to see it on other Blu-ray game discs too as Sony's "rumbl-ution" gets underway.

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