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The series' producer speaks.

Eurogamer: Do you mean they've been calling you names on the internet? Because you have my sympathy.

Elliott Martin: Haha! I think I've escaped the brunt of that personally, but they're very protective. They have a very specific idea of what they want SOCOM to be and anything which deviates from that worries them.

There's nothing wrong with their reaction but this is Zipper Interactive, this is the creator of the franchise, they know very well what SOCOM is and they know very well what the community wants. They're going to do their best to deliver something that's new and fresh, but that stays true to its roots.

Eurogamer: I interviewed the producer of the new Castlevania game the other day and asked him if he'd put Move or Natal tech into his game. He said no - not because he doesn't think it's good tech, but because he doesn't think hardcore gamers want it. What would you say to that?

Elliott Martin: I think it's a very subjective thing. I would consider myself a hardcore gamer, so I feel I can have an opinion on this, but I've seen games in development which would be considered hardcore and which make very good use of the Move implementation - SOCOM being just one of them.


It doesn't ruin the experience, that's the important thing. It may not be the exact experience certain people want but that's why we're being very careful to not lock it down. We're trying to preserve the different playing methods to appease everyone.

Eurogamer: So for those of us who want to just sit on the sofa and twiddle our thumbs of a Friday night, rather than standing up and waggling...

Elliott Martin: It's funny, when I look at people demonstrating other Move games it's all arms flailing, and then I'm just sat there, moving one hand, all very casual and relaxed. You could equally imagine being at home on the sofa in the same position - you don't need to wave it around, it's just a tracking device.

Eurogamer: It's not a lightsaber.

Elliott Martin: No, exactly.

Eurogamer: It's a light-up ping pong ball on a magic wand.

Elliott Martin: Yeah. And the sensitivity is determined by the calibration you give it, so you can be in a range of situations in your living room and still set up the game to play it how you want.

Eurogamer: So you can adjust the sensitivity of the Move controller?

Elliott Martin: Not directly on the controller, but in the software. For example, when you calibrate the controller in SOCOM, you basically have to define the screen area you're mapping the control to. If you do very small movements the game will amplify that, so that any movement will be a very sudden, fast movement.

If when calibrating you do very exaggerated movements, like if you have a massive telly, then a smaller movement is a much smaller movement on-screen. So it's a very dynamic mapping in that respect, and it's just about setting up what you're comfortable with.

Elliott Martin is the European producer of SOCOM 4. A release date for the game has yet to be announced.

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