Persona 4, Disgaea 3 coming to Europe

Courtesy of Square Enix instead of KOEI.

Square Enix has aquired the European publishing rights for Persona 4 and Disgaea 3, with usual distributor KOEI cut out of the loop.

That's according to a Christmas newsletter for the Final Fantasy creator, which was spotted by the eagle-eyed Siliconera.

According to the document, Persona 4 will be out in spring 2009, while Disgaea 3 is given an unspecific date for sometime next year.

Persona 4 follows the very well received role-playing game Persona 3, which Eurogamer stamped a sparkling 9/10 on at the beginning of the year. So far, all we know of Persona 4 is contained in a trailer over on Eurogamer TV.

Disgaea 3, on the other hand, has been thoroughly picked apart by Eurogamer, and awarded a glimmering 8/10.

Square Enix has also picked up Rhapsody DS and Disgaea DS for European release in the spring.

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