Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising dated

Out in October on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Codemasters has told Eurogamer that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will be released on 9th October in the UK for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Other European territories should get it a day earlier on 8th October and the US has it from 6th October.

Dragon Rising is the Codemasters-developed re-imagining of/sequel to the thinking man's shooter simulation Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, originally developed by Bohemia Interactive, who went on to make the competing ArmA series.

Dragon Rising deposits US Marine players and their three-man AI squad on an island off the coast of Japan, whose sovereignty is disputed (violently) by Chinese and Russian forces, and scales up from a hardy first-person shooter with the expected frills (reticules, inventories, radial team-command menus) to a no-HUD ultra-hardcore simulation befitting the brand's past.

Codies has released some new screenshots to celebrate, showcasing the GBU-31 JDAM strike, US-AH1Z Super Cobra attack chopper, US AAVP7A1 amphibious assault vehicle, US Abrams M1A2 tank, the Type95 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (with a US marine modelling an FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile in the foreground), and a Type99 tank (seen through the Javelin's sights). In case you were wondering what we meant by "hardcore".

There's also a video, which we're uploading at the moment, featuring infantry moving in formation using and dispatching some of the toys described above. (Update: that video is now live.)

Look out for our latest hands-on impressions of Dragon Rising soon, or check out our recent Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising preview for a detailed overview.

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