Suikoden V next month

In time for 10th anniversary.

The fifth incarnation - or should that be incantation - of the Suikoden series is due in Europe for PlayStation 2 next month.

Marking the tenth anniversary of the popular role-playing series, Suikoden V sees players hike across the land of Farlena, accompanied by a whopping 108 followers.

New additions to the series include six character simultaneous skirmishes and 20 different combat formations.

Eurogamer reviewed the US version of Suikoden V way back in April, and although there are faults, we noted that it's "a most heart-warming of homecomings." Which makes it sound like cuddling a lost puppy dog.

Suikoden V is published by Konami and will retail for around GBP29.99. So you'd best start raiding treasure chests for gold coins in anticipation.

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