History Channel game

Civil War on PC/PS2/360.

Activision and The History Channel have announced a new PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 game based on the American civil war.

Cunningly titled The History Channel's Civil War, the Cauldron-developed game puts you in the role of either a Confederate or Union soldier in battles that take in Gettysburg, Bull Run and Antietam, among others.

There will be 12 famous battles to try and influence, with locations ranging from the renowned - Little Round Top, Lookout Mountain - to the slightly more mundane surroundings of train yards, saw mills, forts and trenches.

Hand-to-hand combat, using bayonets, sabres, gun butts and of course actual hands, will play a part, while you'll also engage in the rigours of line fighting, artillery barrages, urban assaults, sniping, stealth and sabotage.

Weapons include grenades, artillery, gatling guns, revolvers, bayonets, muskets and sabres, while objectives range from placing explosives and sabotaging telegraph lines to blowing up buildings and forts.

The game's due out in the US very soon - on November 14th.

Quite what its fate is in Europe, however, remains to be seen. Activision says it hasn't got anything on its UK schedule, and reckons it's "unlikely" we'll see it here.

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