Oblivion PC Orrery available

Proper Orrery-show.

Those of you playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion using a PC can download the extra content we talked about yesterday - and to add to the indignity of coming second to the Xbox 360 people in getting-it-quickly terms, you're paying $1.89 rather than 150 Microsoft points. Which is god only knows what in old money.

The quest you're buying is about nabbing some Imperial Orrery parts back off thieving bandits to help The Cause. Which is to rebuild an Imperial Orrery, obviously, and benefits you to the tune of some moon-based powers.

Quite what those are is best left to the people on forums to tell you - every time we expect to go and actually do some Oblivioning we're summoned back here to write about something new to do with it. Chances are it'll happen again, too - with Wizard's Tower DLC on the turboweb horizon.

Those of you interested in buying up the Orrery quest can do so at, where you can also buy the Horse Armour pack if you really want to trot around the land looking like some sort of enchanted rug salesman.

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