Chibi-Robo coming to DS

And going up the local park.

There's just a couple of weeks to wait until Chibi-Robo arrives on European GameCubes - and as you'll know if you read our review, it's well worth looking forward to.

So hooray for the news that the houseproud robot will also be getting an outing on the Nintendo DS. Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol will see our hero leaving the family home and exploring his surroundings, specifically the local park.

It seems that playground equipment has been mysteriously disappearing of late, and evil monsters have been mucking about with all the flowers. Only Chibi can save the day and make the park worth visiting once again.

He'll get to ride buggies, cars and boats, racing round the park's lawns and cruising across the ponds. When Chibi dances, plants will come back to life and playground equipment will reappear, and if he has any trouble from those pesky monsters he can simply use his squirter to see them off.

Nintendo has yet to announce a release date for Chibi-Robo DS, but the GameCube version will be in the shops on May 26th.

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