Kaido Racer revs up

For November release.

Konami has announced the forthcoming launch of PS2 title Kaido Racer, releasing some brand new screenshots into the bargain.

Kaido Racer is said to offer "an unusual take on the racing genre" and features faithful recreations of Japan's most treacherous mountain circuits, including Akagi, Zao, Aso and Haruna.

The game's numerous Battle modes give you the chance to earn cash by winning races - cash which you can then spend on new cars, parts and upgrades. There are 149 fully licensed vehicles in the game, including cars from Nissan, Subaru, Honda and Alfa Romeo, and as you might expect they all handle differently.

In SP Battle mode, it's all about keeping your SP gauge full by staying in the lead and avoiding collisions with other cars. CA Battle rewards you for successful drifting and neat cornering, while FL/LF Battle puts you in either first or last place on the starting grid - so it's a question of either holding on to pole position or taking them all from behind if you want to win.

And finally there's the TAC Battle, where you have to race against the clock while doing your best to keep that SP gauge full.

Or you could try your hand at Story Mode, where you'll get to meet opponents with names like Slasher, Tricker and Lovers, apparently. You can communicate with other players via an email-type system, offering them challenges or picking up driving tips from the message boards.

Kaido Racer is out in November.

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