New 360 GOTY bundle iffy for Europe

Includes Fable II, Halo 3 for free.

Microsoft has told Eurogamer there are no announcements to make regarding the Xbox 360 Elite Game of the Year bundle heading to Europe.

The US will receive the limited edition deal in May, Microsoft revealed yesterday. The bundle will include games Fable II and Halo 3 for no extra cost, and so be priced at USD 399.

Microsoft's European silence is a familiar PR stance, however, and provides no real evidence of whether the Game of the Year bundle will arrive here or not.

We've extended our feelers around the industry and will let you know more as soon as we do.

Fable II and Halo 3 were both awarded top marks - 10/10 - on Eurogamer. Head over to our individual Fable II and Halo 3 reviews to find out why.

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