More Disgaea tumbling onto PSP

Platforming spin-off for Japan in Nov.

Nippon Ichi is busy making more Disgaea for PSP following the runaway critical success of tactical RPG Hour of Darkness.

The catchy title "Prinny: Ore ga shyujinkou de iinsuka" (translated to "Prinny: Is It Really OK That I'm the Main Character") will appear in Japan this November, according to Dengeki Online (translated by GameSpot).

Prinnies are little penguin-like things, and this spin-off has them platforming from left to right on some day-long 10-stage mission to find Etna's sweets. Lazy.

There's no word on the game appearing outside of Japan for the moment.

We're also awaiting the fate of PS3 game Disgaea 3 in Europe, plus DS outing Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. We're badgering European distributor KOEI.

Head over to our Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness review to see what all the fuss is about.

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