More ArchLord incentives

Newcomers get free credits.

Codemasters Online Gaming is giving away 6000 in-game credits to anyone that buys ArchLord, which works out at around GBP 10 / EUR 15 worth.

You can spend these on all sorts of fantasy bits and pieces in the Chantra shop, which is mostly made up of items to ease the level burden by increasing experience and gold earned from killing monsters.

It's the latest campaign by Codemasters Online Gaming to drum up a significant following for what appears to be a sinking ship. Since it launch last November the subscription fee has been abolished and the price of the game slashed to around a tenner - relying on people to purchase in-game credits to keep it afloat.

Despite this, ArchLord is to get a free expansion in the next few weeks, which will add siege warfare to the player-versus-player mix. It will also make the game's unique goal possible - as one lucky player will finally be crowned ArchLord.

Only one of these can exist per server, and they'll get an exclusive bunch of rewards like a dragon mount and powerful spells, abilities and equipment - including a personal set of guards made up of guild mates treated to special royal sets of armour.

Die in general combat as the ArchLord and you'll return to life like always with the full set of abilities intact. However, be killed as the result of a challenge to your crown and you will be stripped of your status and gifts that go with it.

It's a goal probably only reachable by the super hardcore elite, and one that couldn't rescue the game for us when we played it last year. Head over to our ArchLord review to find out why.

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