Koei reveals Opoona

Wii-exclusive adventure.

Koei has unveiled a new and original title exclusively for Wii.

It's called Opoona, which also happens to be the name of the main character - who soon finds himself investigating mysterious events that left his parents hospitalised and his brother and sister missing.

Set in a quirky cosmic world, you'll have to venture to other colonies to unravel the tale, choosing to become a rescuer, idol, or detective before you can obtain a licence to travel.

Koei were unavailable to tell us more about the game this morning, but had previously told US sites that movement and combat would be controlled entirely by the nunchuck, with absolutely no use for the Wiimote at all.

Opoona is still firmly in the murky release-date waters of TBC, and we have only a spattering of concept art to go by at the moment, which paints the game in a quirky light.

However, Final Fantasy XII's composer Hitoshi Sakimoto is on board, as is art lead Shintaro Majima and planning director Sachiko Sugimura, who previously worked on the Dragon Quest series.

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