Get a Tabula Rasa beta key

We've got thousands more.

If you missed out at the beginning of August when we threw keys at several thousand people to unlock the door to the closed beta test of Tabula Rasa then don't panic - we've got thousands more.

Four thousand, if you're asking, thanks to the generosity of publisher NCsoft. And all you have to do snap your pincers around one is head over to our Eurogamers community site and say, "yes, I'll have one". But also actually click on the bit saying, "Claim your freebie!", taking note of the little check boxes above.

You'll have to register for Eurogamers if you aren't already a member, and we can't think why you wouldn't be: it's absolutely free, we won't sell your underpants when you aren't looking, and it has lots of nifty toys - like Xbox Live integration, friends lists, groups, messaging, fighting, and motorbikes.

So, do all that and you could be playing the next MMOG from Richard Garriott, the legendary brain behind Ultima Online.

Pop over to our Tabula Rasa gamepage to find out much more, including an interview with the man himself.

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