Far Cry 2 to get new Hardcore mode

Will be delivered via a new patch.

Ubisoft is planning to introduce a new "hardcore mode" for Far Cry 2 following requests from fans.

Posting on the Ubi forums, community developer Atmon wrote, "A lot of questions have been raised on the forums about a hardcore mode feature. Today we are happy to confirm that you will be able to enjoy this new mode on all platforms with our next wave of patches.

"The hardcore mode has been designed as an answer to a community request," Atmon continued. "When designing the multiplayer game our team wanted to provide a balanced experience for most gamers. However some players were seeking and expecting a more realistic experience."

Hardcore mode will apply a new damage model, which means increased damage for all weapons. Enemy names will disappear after the spawning invincibility period ends, and a new option will let you tweak spawing time (though not rate). Plus, you'll be able to search for hardcore mode multiplayer matches.

"We hope that you will like the changes our team has implemented to let you enjoy the game, and play it the way you want," Atmon concluded.

Far Cry 2 is out now on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. If you've yet to give it a go, read our review for the full lowdown.

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