EA reveals Boogie

Exclusively for Wii.

EA wants to shake your tail feather this afternoon. Failing that, it's announced a new rhythm-based party game for Wii.

Boogie will let you create and customise a character, then use the wacky console controls to sing and dance in your very own music video. Something EA hopes will be the ultimate party partner, as you gyrate your pants off to impress your chums.

"We're creating something new and different for gamers of all ages to enjoy; the complete party package where gamers can dance as well as sing," said Alain Tascan, general manager at developer EA Montreal. "Nintendo's Wii is an amazing console that really gives us a platform to be creative and to re-think traditional game development."

Unfortunately we were unable to get hold of EA to find out exactly how it will all work. We expect it means you'll warble into the Wiimote microphone and squirm in front of the sensor bar. It all sounds a little like hard work.

Boogie is due out exclusively this year for Wii. Pop over to our gallery to peruse the latest party snaps.

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