EA job cuts rumoured at Mythic

WAR developer next to suffer?

The grapevine has told Joystiq that Warhammer Online developer Mythic Entertainment is the latest victim of EA's massive job cuts.

The rumour suggests that 21 customer service employees were made redundant, along with half of the quality assurance department and all of the playtest group at the EA-owned MMO developer.

Joystiq contacted EA for comment but was only reminded of the big picture: a company-wide "cost-cutting initiative" that would see 1000 employees, or 10 per cent of the workforce, laid off.

If true, the news needn't impact the future of Warhammer Online at all, although the lack of support staff may prove frustrating for players, and the stability of future updates may suffer. Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine recently made similar cuts to QA and customer support, as did Age of Conan developer Funcom.

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