Beautiful Katamari gets official date

Definitely coming this month.

Atari has finally concreted the Beautiful Katamari date as 29th February in Europe.

It follows a bit of indecision by the publisher, which said February then changed its mind to March.

However, we were treated to a demo for it at the end of January, so you can hop on Live now and roll things up as if you were in control of a giant magical snowball.

Beautiful Katamari is the first instalment in the acclaimed puzzle series to appear on new generation hardware. It arrives without the help of Keita Takahashi, who designed the first two games on PS2.

He's off making Nobi Nobi Boy for the PlayStation Network, you see, and his departure leaves a rather gaping hole here.

But whether this is because Beautiful Katamari is more an HD and online incremental update or because it lacks creative flare is hard to tell.

Best pop over to our Beautiful Katamari review and make your own mind up.

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