AION headstart floods servers

Queues lasting several hours.

AION servers are already overcrowded as hundreds of thousands of pre-order customers are given headstart access to the MMO, according to widespread reports.

Doors opened yesterday, welcoming an enthusiastic 400,000 fans who have already put their money where their mouths are.

The crush, however, has resulted in queue times of several hours to gain access to the limited number of available servers. One poor chap faced a wait of over seven hours, which left him plenty of time to take a screenshot and mail it to Kotaku. Queue size has bulged to over 3000.

Queues are not the only problem - the flood of newcomers means starting areas are overcrowded and quest-specific monsters are in high demand, resulting in crowded spawns.

AION goes public proper on Tuesday in the US and on Friday here in Europe. Let's hope NCsoft can cope. We're contacting the MMO publisher for comment on the weekend troubles.

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