ArmA II to launch over here in June

Demo for PC wargame a definite.

505 Games is bringing ArmA II (Armed Assault II) to PCs in Europe on 26th June.

Developed by Bohemia, the game focuses on realistic, tactical warfare, where people paint their faces and dress up like trees. It's appealing.

The sequel treads a gamier path, adding "wound dressings" to patch-up downed comrades and a beefy storyline complete with narrative and NPC dialogue. But hardcore fans need not be worried: Bohemia has gone far from soppy.

Shuffle unseen to our hands-on impressions of ArmA II to find out why.

A spokesperson for 505 Games told us there definitely will be a demo, but that a timings are still to be worked out as the developer is busy finishing the game.

The publisher was unable to tell us what was happening with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of ArmA II, however, but is looking into the matter and we hope to know more soon.

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