Jelly Deals: Sphero app-controlled Star Wars droid is 54 off today

Wherefore R2?

Sphero - a company you may remember as the creator of the obscenely popular smartphone-controlled BB-8 droid a few years ago - has returned with a new batch of miniature buddies, a couple of which are discounted today.


Specifically, the R2-Q5 droid from Sphero is currently discounted to 95.99 down from its original 150 as part of 'Amazon Innovation Day', which is apparently a thing that exists. Who knew?

In case you somehow can't tell from the image above, R2-Q5 is essentially R2-D2 with a slick black-and-brass paint job. He's basically the Fonz of Star Wars droids.

If you'd rather go with old faithful, R2-D2 is also discounted down to 99.95 from the original 130. Both of these tiny bots are controlled using the Sphero smartphone app and feature the traditional beeps and boops you'd expect from a droid like this.

Sure, the Amazon listing specifically says 'lets your child guide R2 around your home', but there's no shame in having a very silly, pricey tech toy in your home at any age. That's definitely true, right?

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