Watch: Ian plays the first four hours of Skyrim VR

The epic journey begins at 1pm.

As a big fan of VR (I've still not given up hope, dammit!) I relish the opportunity to get my hands on a game that's not just a short experience or a dull whack-a-mole style shooter. That's why I've been looking forward to the release of Skyrim VR ever since it was announced - it's a game that I could potentially spend a hundred plus hours in!

I've been picturing it in my head for a while now. Taking that first walk down the hill towards Riverwood and watching the salmon swim up stream; hearing a roar above and looking up to see a dragon flying through the air; climbing the Throat of the World to stand on the peak and admire the aurora borealis. I'm buzzing just thinking about it.

Will the reality live up to my imagination, however? I'll be finding out in a special pre-launch live stream, where I'll be playing Skyrim VR from the very start, experimenting with the different control schemes and trying my best not to make too many 'arrow to the knee' jokes.

An epic game like Skyrim, of course, deserves an epic live stream, so I'm not just doing the normal 90 minutes - oh no. Join me on the video below at 1pm when I will start my quest and attempt to spend 4 hours inside the virtual land of Skyrim.

Here's those hoping four hours in virtual reality don't make me Fus Ro Dah my lunch all over my lap though...

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