GTA Online I'm Not a Hipster update adds skinny jeans and bug-fixes

Sounds better on Vinylwood.

Rockstar has unveiled its "I'm Not a Hipster" patch for GTA Online, which adds retro print T-shirts, skinny jeans and a range of Shoreditch hairstyles.


Seven new vehicles have been added to the multiplayer mode, including the Panto micro-car and the six-seater Dubsta (available when you reach Rank 100).

10 vehicles from Grand Theft Auto 5's campaign mode have also been added - including Trevor's truck, along with new paint colours, player celebrations, tattoos and animal masks.

Rockstar has also detailed 12 more jobs, including races, deathmatches, captures and gang attacks.

A round of gameplay tweaks accompany the new content. Tear Gas has been buffed in terms of damage and how long it lingers around, for example.

Car Insurance costs have also been changed - players will no longer be charged if their vehicle is destroyed by another player who does not have enough GTA$ to pay.

The update should be live now for everyone on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, ahead of a special event weekend for the content with extra bonuses, due this Friday through Sunday.

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