Your first look at Homefront: The Revolution gameplay footage

I predict a riot.

Crytek UK has shown off its first slice of Homefront Revolution gameplay - it's the mission Eurogamer were talked through when we first saw the game last month.

The mission, streamed online last night by Twitch, is a good showcase for Homefront: The Revolution's post-invasion Philadelphia, now a derelict and slum-ridden city, and the capital of the new North Korea-run United States.

In the footage you see the player and three buddies armour up and take on a Korean army checkpoint, an armoured barricade surrounded by troops.

One friendly player runs off to activate an IED in the distance, with the resulting explosion drawing away a large number of enemy forces. Meanwhile, another player drives a bomb strapped to a remote-controlled car up to the checkpoint itself. Explosions ensue.

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