Crytek's Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age announced

From the people who made Darksiders.


Crysis creator Crytek has announced Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, a co-op action game from the people who made Darksiders.

Hunt, due out on PC and undisclosed consoles, is a third-person action game set in the late 1800s in which up to four players get together to kill horrible creatures.

It's the first game from Crytek USA Corp., the studio that formed from the ashes of Darksiders maker Vigil, which went down after publisher THQ went bust.

In Hunt players act as hunters who fight creatures from myth and folklore. There's a content generation system that Crytek said "ensures players never encounter exactly the same environment or set of enemies twice".

"As the surprises come thick and fast, the terror of knowing that one of the game's grueling boss battles could be just around the corner will keep everyone's pulses pounding," reads the official blurb.

"Defeating bosses will require close collaboration between hunters as they attempt to figure out and take down some truly terrifying monsters."

A closed beta begins on PC later this year. You can pop your name down at the Hunt website. Teaser trailer is below.

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