PlayStation Now game rentals could cost $4.99/$5.99

User-interface mock-up mentions price.

How much will it cost to rent a streamed PS3 game using upcoming service PlayStation Now? Possibly $4.99 for Uncharted 3, and $5.99 for Far Cry 3.

Those prices were spotted on concept art for the PlayStation Now user interface, as seen by VG247 on maker Gaikai's official website. There's a little blue PlayStation Now triangle next to the two prices.


Exactly what you'll get for $4.99/$5.99 - how long you'll rent the game for - Sony has yet to detail. What the pound sterling and Euro conversions will be we'll also have to wait and see, although Euros tend to mirror dollar prices.

The $49.99 price for The Last of Us in the image is presumably for a full game download, because there's no PS Now icon and it's, you know, the price of a full game.

PlayStation Now is expected to start rolling out in the US by the end of the year, and in Europe early 2015. The service will allow you to stream-play PS3 games on PS4, PS Vita and even Bravia TVs.

Digital Foundry looked at some of the tech behind PlayStation Now earlier this year.

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