Nintendo Japan reveals generous new Wii U bundles

Premium console, three games, Wii Remote and Karaoke sub for 220.

Two new Wii U bundles have been unveiled by Nintendo of Japan, each containing games, accessories and a subscription to the console's new Karaoke service.

Both bundles include the 32GB Premium Wii U model - now in either white and black flavours - plus a sensor bar, Wii Remote Plus and 30 days of Karaoke access, GoNintendo reported.

The cheaper of the two bundles (priced 32,800 yen, about 206) includes New Super Mario Bros. U and Wii Party U.

The more expensive (34,800 yen, about 220) includes New Super Mario Bros. U and Wii Party U, Wii Fit U and a Wii Fit Meter (but not a Balance Board).

All games arrive pre-installed on the console hardware.

"This is a Japanese announcement and Nintendo Europe has nothing to announce at this time," a Nintendo UK spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning.

Europe's own recently-announced bundles include a Premium console with a digital copy of either Lego City Undercover or Zelda: Wind Waker HD - both cost 249 at GAME and launch next month.

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