Metroid meets Monkey Island meets Limbo in The Fall

Indie dev combines inspirations for eye-catching 2D exploration game.

The Fall is a new indie game influenced by Metroid, Monkey Island and Limbo.

It's the work of Vancouver-based developer John Warner, who worked on Company of Heroes and Dawn of War 2 while at Relic Entertainment before going indie a couple of years ago.

The Fall, planned for release on PC, Mac and Linux, combines the sense of exploration from the early Metroid games with the interactive adventure game mechanics from Monkey Island, and wraps the result in an art style inspired by Playdead's haunting Limbo.

You play an artificial intelligence called ARID who exists onboard a combat suit. The suit's human pilot is unconscious, so you, the AI, must save the pilot's life. To do so you explore and interact with the world, talk to characters and solve puzzles as a story about AI civil rights unfolds.

Warner describes The Fall as like playing as Cortana from the Halo series, but we suggest he keeps that comparison on the quiet, unless he loves the smell of cease and desist emails in the morning.

Warner plans to release The Fall episodically, and, while much of the work on episode one is complete, he's crowdfunding to raise cash to fund extra polish. The Fall's Kickstarter calls for $17,000 Canadian dollars (around 10,000). At the time of publication just under 8000 CAD had been raised, with 28 days to go.

The Fall is also on Steam Greenlight.

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