Guacamelee's El Diablo's Domain DLC is out this week

Adds 17 challenge stages, one new area, and three new costumes.

Drinkbox's charming Mexican lore-based metroidvania Guacamelee is receiving its second batch of DLC this week with its El Diablo's Domain add-on.

Available today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, the add-on is priced at 2 / €2.50 / $2.99.

As detailed in a Gamespot video below, El Diablo's Domain adds 17 trial stages, a new area entitled El Infierno, and three new costumes for Juan and Tostada.

The El Portero outfit is a colourful number inspired by 90s football superstar Jorge Campos, the Alebrije costume is based on Mexican folk art, and the Diablo skin classes things up with a formal attire. Each outfit is unlocked by acquiring at least 10 of a certain type of medal - bronze, silver and gold - in the new challenge maps.

Previously, Drinkbox released a Costume Pack DLC that contained three new outfits for 1.25 / €1.59 / $1.99.

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