Amiga Games and the rights to its 300-strong game library bought for $500,000

And there's hope for new digital versions.

Amiga Games Incorporated and more than 300 of its titles have been snapped up by a Los Angeles-based distribution company for $500,000 (about 335,000).

The Writers' Group Film Corp is now the proud owner of the rights to redistribute part of gaming history, including such titles as Wings and Alien Breed, Market Wired reported. The company plans on re-releasing its new catalogue of classics imminently.

Writers' Group is known for buying up and distributing digital content across multiple platforms and has promised multiple announcements over the coming weeks regarding its Amiga library. The company's statement references deals with the "best-selling smartphone, tablet and other device manufacturers", so iOS/Android releases certainly look likely.

While we wait, here's an Amiga TV advert from the early 1990s. This is exactly what playing an Amiga was like.

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