What to expect from tonight's Xbox reveal

Celebrities, bad jokes and maybe a handful of half-truths.

Happy new Xbox day! It's only a matter of hours until we find out what the future of Bing and Netflix hold, and how they fit into Microsoft's soon-to-be revealed console. There might even be a video game!

It's all a bit exciting, so Ian Higton's provided a run-through of past Xbox events to help brace you for tonight's fireworks. See the double act between Bill Gates and The Rock that time forgot! Marvel at the fake families! Recoil at the lies touted at Natal's birth!

We will, of course, be bringing you all the action as it happens on Eurogamer from 6pm BST tonight, livestreaming the event and providing commentary throughout. In the meantime you can entertain yourself by heading over to our YouTube channel and dipping into some of the Let's Plays, previews and livestreams you can find there.

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