Bank holiday update plans!

We'll be taking a rest, same as you, but we've stocked up on things to keep you busy.

Got any bank holiday weekend plans? Well cancel them right now. Yes, we've all got four days off in a row - Friday through Monday, for anyone reading this who either hasn't remembered or lives in a country where they don't recognise BioShock release week as a national holiday - but that doesn't mean we won't be giving you loads of stuff to read.

Tomorrow, for example, we've got a few reviews, Digital Foundry's long-awaited take on the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and a cool feature looking at the progress of Japanese indie developers. Over the weekend we have more Digital Foundry - hopefully including a look at the world's most powerful gaming PC - and a tasty retrospective.

Then on Monday we look in on the development scene in a couple of areas you probably don't pay much attention to in your day-to-day. We'll be back at full tilt on Tuesday, of course, with another board game review, an interview that includes a startling revelation about the home secretary (for some reason) and more besides.

We all hope you enjoy the long Easter weekend, whatever you choose to do with it, and we're very grateful for any of that time you spend reading our rubbish. Take care of yourselves, and if you're playing Counter-Strike please run with the knife.

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