Limbo dev shows off pet project 140

Think Sound Shapes meets Bit.Trip.

140 is the upcoming minimalist platformer by Jeppe Carlsen, best known as the lead gameplay designer at Playdead where he designed the puzzles for Limbo.

While Carlsen is hard at work on Playdead's top-secret upcoming game, he created 140 in his spare time over the past couple of years and hopes to release it later this year on PC and Mac.

The game looks a lot more abstract than Limbo's hazy nightmarish landscape. There's no narrative this time around and the whole game relies upon bouncing your shape around a colourful morphing landscape in sync to the music.

"The game plays like an old school platformer: D-pad for moving left and right, and a jump button," explained Carlsen in an exchange with Eurogamer. "The challenge lies in syncing up your moves and jumps to the music-controlled elements. The soundtrack evolves in each level as you progress, introducing new elements for you to tackle, and ultimately leads to intense rhythm-based boss fights."

He also noted that "the shapes of the main character is just a visual representation of its movements."

140 has been well received in the indie community and has already been nominated for an IGF this year in Excellence in Audio and it got an honorable mention in Technical Excellence.

See it in action in the debut trailer below.

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