Nintendo's PokÚdex iOS app costs ú17.45 to complete

Will PokÚmon encyclopaedia's pricing lead to Tepig sales?

Nintendo's PokÚdex app for iOS devices is now available in the UK - but users will have to pay a total of ú18.49 to list every PokÚmon breed.

The app initially costs ú1.49 and lists the 153 new varieties in recent games PokÚmon Black and White. These are the same information and 3D models once freely available on 3DS, which had its own PokÚdex app (now replaced with a paid-for alternative).

It then costs ú3.99 to add each of the four previous generations: Kanto monsters from Red/Blue/Yellow, Johto breeds from Gold/Silver/Crystal, Hoenn types from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Sinnoh species from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

PokÚmon add-on packs are bought from the app's own shop. We couldn't see any indication of these prices until we'd downloaded the app.

PokÚdex for iOS was previously only available in Japan. It's Nintendo's first western iOS release, developed by internal team The PokÚmon Company.


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